Enterprise Service Management SoftwareService Management is growing and changing

Employees consume multiple services delivered by many departments within their organizations every working day. Their expectations of user experience and service delivery are changing rapidly, raising the demands for the introduction of efficient, consistent service management across the business irrespective of function.


The number one challenge for IT leaders is to support and enable the effective service delivery in each of the other business areas.


assyst by Axios Systems provides a proven platform for managing every aspect of service delivery across an organization.


With 25 years of evolution and focused service management R&D, assyst enables large organizations across the world to transform their IT service management whilst enabling wider departments such as HR, Finance, Facilities, Legal to adopt service automation and innovations which are directly aligned to their business needs.


Ranked as ‘visionary’  by Gartner’s 2014 Magic Quadrant for Service Management and the only single platform to be accredited for all 15 Pink Verify service management processes, assyst delivers the natural evolution of the IT service management market, providing the ability to manage services within business functions and those processes which extend from suppliers across the business to customers.


  • Consistency of end-user experience where best practice becomes the standard for the end user regardless of the service they are consuming.
  • Manage every aspect of the service value chain, driving efficiency from suppliers, to departments, to customer enabling the active management of key metrics such as time to resolve, lead to cash and satisfaction.
  • Free up resources to focus on innovation through effective automation of core service delivery.
  • Drive cost efficiencies across the organization by leveraging the best of ITIL® methodology incorporating key aspects across non-IT departments to add structure to their service management.
  • Accelerate and control the introduction of new services across the business whilst prioritising their introduction through effective business-wide reporting.
  • Increase ROI through consolidating vendor and license base whilst leveraging gains in process efficiency, accurate reporting and breaking previously siloed data.
  • Flexible introduction of service management across the business. The introduction of assyst does not have to be big bang. Departments can be phased-in with the capabilities provisioned to match business requirements and resource availability.



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Service Management for HRTransform HR into a strategic business partner

Support more efficient and effective HR with a new digital information and services portal.
The assyst solution helps you to centralize and coordinate your global HR efforts for more efficient and consistent management. By creating a digital HR center you can streamline your day-to-day HR operations, reduce overall costs and focus more attention on strategic HR issues. An HR center is a way of really selling what HR does to the business.

For your employees, an HR center is a web/mobile accessible portal that centralizes of all of your HR information, assets and services in one location. The intuitive interface makes it easy to order/track HR services, find information and keep data up to date with minimal interruption to their business productivity.

With a digital HR portal you can shift focus to the more strategic objectives of recruitment, people development and retention.


  • Present HR services as part of an enterprise-wide service catalog, making it easy for staff to interact.
  • Automate core processes to reduce the day-to-day operations burden, releasing time and budget for recruitment and retention.
  • Wizard-based reporting engine and performance dashboards give you a real-time view.


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Service Management for FacilitiesCreate workspaces that really work

Businesses need smooth, seamless facilities management to be most productive.

With a digital facilities management portal, you can streamline interaction with your facilities users, automate processes and manage people and assets more efficiently – freeing you up to develop FM as a strategic business contributor.

The assyst solution helps you to centralize and coordinate your facilities management efforts for more efficient and consistent management. By creating a digital facilities management portal you can streamline your day-to-day operations, reduce overall costs and focus more attention on strategic issues – like optimizing your work spaces, supporting mergers/acquisitions, and new sites. A digital facilities management center is a way of really selling what FM does to the business.

For your employees, a facilities portal is a web/mobile accessible portal that centralizes of all of your facilities information, assets and services in one location. The intuitive interface makes it easy to order/track services (like meeting room bookings or vehicles from the car pool), find information and report maintenance issues.

With a digital facilities management portal you can streamline operations and shift focus to achieving more strategic objectives that support business growth.


  • Stop the phone ringing and streamline interaction with your facilities users via an efficient digital portal – part of an enterprise-wide portal for all enterprise services.
  • Manage global facilities from a central perspective, giving you greater control of spend at a strategic level.
  • Automate routing and processes to streamline responses to facilities issues.
  • Improve the end user experience, making it easy to book meeting rooms, access vehicles and report issues.


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Service Management for FinanceTurn your focus from administration to strategic growth

The finance function is a core part of every business, so efficiency and effectiveness is paramount to business success. But often, finance is tied up with repeated administration activity that eats up resources and prevents deeper engagement with the rest of the business.


With assyst you can apply principles of service management to streamline day-to-day finance operations (handling expenses, company credit cards, payroll enquiries, etc) and work more smoothly in conjunction with the rest of the business. Central to effective service management is the assyst service catalog, a digital portal that gives you an efficient automated interface with your service customers out in the business. This digital interface makes it easy for end users to find information, log requests for internal finance services, and report issues that are blocking the business.


By streamlining the day-to-day operation of your finance department, you can turn focus to the more strategic aspects that benefit the business on a larger scale, with a positive impact on costs and bottom line profits.

  • Present finance department services to your internal community as part of a one-stop-shop portal for all enterprise services.
  • Automate the routing and execution of customer-facing finance services to improve efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Reduce the daily burden of administration that takes your attention away from strategic finance projects.
  • Divert resources to improve engagement with the business and support growth and agility.


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Enterprise Service Management Customer TestimonialWilmerHale uses assyst to support IT, Legal, HR, facilities and internal research groups



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Enterprise Service Management Customer StoryDelivering ESM across IT, Finance, HR, FM and H&S

The Scottish Agricultural College (SRUC) supports the development of land-based industries and communities through 3 main areas: specialist research and development resources; education and training provision; and expert advisory and consultancy services.

SRUC implemented ESM across multiple business areas: Information Systems (IS), Property and Estates (PEG), Human Resources (HR), Finance, Health and Safety (HS), Vehicle Administration, Marketing and a contracts office.

SRUC chose the ITSM tool, assyst, to help them achieve their desired processes and level of efficiency.

SRUC rolled out the solution in phases across their business: IS, followed 4 months later by Facilities and Property Management, with Finance following quickly afterwards as they embraced the service catalog.

Human Resources was the next phase of the assyst rollout at SRUC and was the biggest challenge for the IS group as a lot of the information used by HR is private and sensitive and therefore requires measures to ensure this information is protected. Certain activities were identified as acceptable to put through the system, including the new start process.

SRUC has now implemented assyst across their entire organization, and all groups are reaping the benefits.

Enterprise Service Management Customer StoryOne portal, one support desk, many functions

Hull City Council is the governing body for the City of Kingston Hull, employing 14,000 people and serving more than 250,000 constituents.

The council operates a Shared Services model which has adopted an integrated, single support desk approach across various operational areas including Human Resources (HR), ICT, Procurement, Occupational Safety, Facilities Management and various application support functions.

The Shared Service Desk handles approximately 750 calls, e-mails and Web requests every day.

To drive efficiency, Hull City Council sets targets for the Shared Services team outlined in a Service Level Agreement (SLA). This means that the Service Desk has a heightened awareness of the cost, quality and timeliness required to deliver support services to the rest of the council competitively – a progressive approach to that end. 
Council employees simply log their own queries with IT via Axios’ web or mobile Self-Service Portal, speeding up enquiry resolution. As a result, call logging has now increased from 15% before the assyst implementation to over 78%. 
This inherent automation and standardization considerably contributes to the increase in Shared Service Desk efficiency and business user satisfaction.

What’s differentabout assyst?

  • Quickly deploy an enterprise-wide digital portal that provides a one-stop-shop for all enterprise services.
  • Non-technical reporting tools help business unit managers to optimize cross-functional services for performance.
  • Reduce costs and increase performance in all enterprise service domains by applying service management best practices that are tried and tested within IT.
  • Reduce service outages and maximize the productivity of your business people by making your business units more responsive to cross-functional demands.
  • Improve relationships between departments, suppliers and colleagues.

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Mohawk improves the end user experience with assyst


“Axios Systems has truly been a great partner to Mohawk. Their responsiveness and level of collaboration ensure we have exactly what we need in assyst”



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