Why choose assyst

assyst’s smart technology makes IT management simple

One app for IT management 

For 30 years, our vision has been to help customers achieve business success through the effective and efficient management of their IT services and systems. We know every customer is different, which is why our first focus is on our customers’ business needs. 

“We did detailed analysis of the IT management vendors in the market and chose Axios Systems for their excellent product assyst and their award winning support services.”
“Axios Systems was able to accompany the evolution of our business from 10 to 37 billion euros in four years.”
assyst consolidates our assets into a single source of truth while providing the tools to manage their full lifecycle.”

More ready-to-go functionality 

Our philosophy is simple: give customers the functionality they need to make IT management better—and make it easy. IT people are busy enough without losing time working on their IT tools. That’s why our emphasis is on quick, drag-and-drop flexibility—instead of complex scripting and integrated bolt-ons. assyst is easier to setup and manage. You enjoy lower admin overheads and lower TCO, so you spend less time managing your IT management tools, and more time delivering new innovations. 


Rapid deployment: 3-6 months 

Why_choose_Axios_rapid_deployment_3-6_months_altAs one of the most established IT management tools, assyst has more out-of-the-box features. Rich features, combined with simple, drag-and-drop configuration, and simple integration shrink the implementation process by cutting out the need for coding.  

Simple automation and orchestration 

Why_choose_Axios_simple_automationCodeless process and service design—powered by a simple, drag-and-drop interface—means you can get creative without complexity. Automating a task takes minutes, and anybody can do it, so you can empower your service desk agents, IT professionals and business people to automate routine tasks and break the firefighting cycle forever.  

Connect with plug-n-play integration 

Why_choose_Axios_plug-n-play_integrationTo get a real-time, 360o view of your IT environment assyst pulls together data from your existing IT management systems using off-the-shelf connectors. Create connections with almost any system in minutes, not months. No coding. No fuss.  

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Why choose Axios assyst


30 years’ experience

Founded in 1988, our experience stretches beyond any other vendor.



Free of shareholder pressure, we pursue a long-term vision of customer success, not short-term profits.


100% success

Our proven methodology helps us maintain our 100% success rate across 30 years of implementations.


1000+ customers

Happy customers in over 80 countries, across all industries, and ranging from mid-level to large enterprise.



Ranked as a vendor to consider in analyst reports for over 20 years.


One App

We focus 100% of our efforts on developing the assyst IT management solution for you.



Pink Verify

Axios Systems: first ITSM vendor to achieve accreditation for all 16 ITIL® processes

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Service Desk Software

Empower your agents with the smart technology they need to fix and close more incidents first time.

IT Asset Management 


Manage the lifecycle of your hardware, software, virtual and cloud assets. 

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Service Catalog


Improve the IT customer experience with a consumer-style service catalog.

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Automate IT services and operations with this codeless drag-and-drop process designer. 

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Resource Planning 


Manage your team’s capacity and workload to ensued deadlines are always met. 

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Knowledge Management


Automate IT service and IT operations processes with this codeless drag-and-drop process designer.

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