Service CatalogA technology store for the business

Business demands are pushing IT to the limit, so IT needs to look for better ways to meet that demand.


A service catalog will help your IT organization manage service demand by empowering end users to log their own service requests via an automated web portal.


The assyst ITSM solution incorporates an award-winning service catalog tool, accessible to end users via web and mobile devices. Business users can browse and request services that will help them do their jobs more efficiently.


The familiar online shopping style experience makes it easy to use for non-technical business users.


Now your IT customers will be able to effortlessly find and request the services they need to be productive - quickly and without frustration.


The assyst service catalog will help you streamline IT operations, reduce costs, improve business value from services and increase IT customer satisfaction.



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Optimize Business Value Streamline IT Efficiency

  • Design and publish services within minutes using drag-and-drop service and process design tools.
  • Publish a web and mobile accessible service catalog to make requesting services easy for end users.
  • Automate service request logging to take strain off the service desk.
  • Automatically trigger service delivery processes, ensuring service requests never get lost and best practice processes are followed every time.
  • Make IT more transparent and optimize the visible value that the business gets from IT.



Streamline your IT efficiency by reading this whitepaper: ITIL - Delivering real value in a downturn

Our ITIL®-based service catalog is designed to help IT departments transform into efficient, customer-focused service teams.


The assyst service catalog automates ITIL® V3 best practices for service request fulfilment.


By providing a digital interface for service requests (supported by complete integration with all ITSM processes) IT can divert calls away from the service desk, streamline service execution and release resources for IT improvement projects.


In a nutshell: a service catalog is an opportunity for you to nail down utility IT operations and transform IT into a business innovator.


  • The graphical service designer makes building services a breeze. With the assyst service catalog, you can publish services to your catalog in minutes.
  • Our powerful process engine and drag-and-drop process designer helps you manage service fulfilment processes.
  • Actionable service catalog automatically triggers the relevant delivery process when an end user requests a service.
  • Users can track their requests online or via their mobile device – reducing the number of status update requests coming in to the service desk.
  • Seamless integration of approval steps into the delivery process – authorizations can be made via email, web or mobile.
  • Manage complex compound services (such as on-boarding) involving multiple departments in one solution.

IT is under pressure to improve the end user experience, fit with new styles of working, and make technology more accessible. IT customers want more choice in the way they interact with IT, and a service catalog is a critical part of a modern, multichannel ITSM strategy.


With the assyst service catalog, requesting services is easy. The service catalog is always there, always on, always ready. With web and mobile interfaces, end users are empowered with the technology they need, wherever they are – in the office, or on the move.


The assyst service catalog is a core part of the assyst ITSM application, so the service catalog is seamlessly integrated with all ITIL® processes in one application. When an end user orders a service, assyst gives you everything you need to make it happen – on time, every time.


  • Global 24/7 access to services from one centralized portal - available anytime, anyplace, on any device.
  • Easy-to-use digital interface for interacting with IT enables frictionless ordering of IT services.
  • Familiar online shopping experience is intuitive for end users without training.
  • User experience is personalized. Users see only the services that are relevant to their role and that they are authorized to request.
  • Easily ‘brand’ your service catalog to match the look and feel of your corporate website and intranet.
  • assyst features unparalleled support for international languages including English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese and more.
  • An effective service catalog will radically improve overall satisfaction with IT by empowering end users with access to technology whenever and wherever they need it.

A service catalog puts the value that IT provides right in front of the business. It helps maximize service utilization and the total value that the business gets from IT.


More people are getting greater value from IT services, so the business is more satisfied with IT performance. For many organizations, the IT department itself doesn’t have a complete picture of which services are provided to the business, and if IT doesn’t know, the business certainly won’t know.


A service catalog lets IT define and publish these services, communicate the value that’s on offer to the business, and help more business people be more productive.


  • Making IT transparent to the business – formalizing what IT does for the business.
  • Integrated financial management helps you identify and communicate the cost of services to the business.
  • Improve the service experience while lowering operational cost.
  • Streamline day-to-day service requests and release resources for innovative new services.
  • Maximize business value from IT by driving service usage.
  • Communicate the value IT delivers to the business
  • Support rapid business growth with a more responsive and scalable architecture for handling service demand.

What’s different about assyst Award-winning service catalog

  • The assyst service catalog is a core part of the assyst application, enabling the fastest deployment of an enterprise service catalog in the market.
  • Our unique graphical service designer lets you design and deploy services in minutes, supporting easy implementation and long-term IT agility.
  • Drag-and-drop process builder lets you quickly create and edit the processes that support service delivery.
  • Configurable form designer lets you create a custom service request form for a new service in minutes.
  • Integration into all supporting ITSM functionality provides deep performance analytics that no other solution can provide.

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The Forestry Commission transforms service delivery across all functions while increasing customer satisfaction with assyst


assyst is essential in allowing us to continue to deliver a quality service to our customers.”



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