Automated Password ResetsReduce calls to the service desk

assystReset is fully integrated into the end user’s Windows logon sequence, allowing them to reset their password from their own workstation. Automated incident logging to assyst ensures the service desk can demonstrate an increased number of first-time-fix incidents. All password events and actions are recorded within assyst to provide complete audit trails and advanced corporate password management.


Once assystReset has been installed and configured, users are prompted to set up a few Q&As. After these are set up, they can reset their password in the future by clicking on the “Reset” button on the logon screen. They will be prompted to answer the questions and, assuming they do so correctly, they will be able to reset their password.


Business people need services and support to fit around their busy work lives. IT people need powerful tools to help manage the complexity of infrastructure and multichannel support. With assyst your IT people and business users get the tools they really need to run a better business.



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Improve IT efficiencyAutomate repeat password calls

  • Enable end users to unlock their Active Directory accounts.
  • Support for Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
  • Password reset tool embedded in the logon sequence.
  • Intuitive interface for end users makes the process easy.
  • Fully integrated with assyst: log and close reset incidents automatically.
  • Report on automated password resets and resulting savings.
  • Reduce costs while increasing efficiency

What's different about assyst

  • Increased productivity for users and IT staff – IT departments are relieved from the tedious and repetitive calls for password resets, releasing resources to focus on higher value, more complex tasks.
  • Simple administration – Administrators define 3 standard questions that users must answer. Users also define three personal questions to make it easier for them to remember.
  • Intuitive user interface – With a simple click of a button, users can reset their password from their own workstation.
  • Safe and secure – assystReset does not store user passwords held in Active Directory. Data is transmitted via SSL and encrypted using one-way MD5 encryption.
  • Support for any language/locale – Administrators can tailor any message that is displayed to the user to provide additional help (like the service desk telephone number).
  • Administrators can add their own non-English translations for any language.
  • Rapid value and ROI – Typical ROI within 3 months.

Become an IT Champion using assyst
  United Arab Emirates
  Financial Services

Saudi Investment Bank aligns IT with the business using assyst


“We are employing assyst to improve the business user experience. Key to this is the Service Catalog which allows users to request services via mobile and the web. We expect this to save us a lot in terms of time and cost.”



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