assystNETEnd User Self-Service Portal

IT is under increasing pressure to cut operational IT costs and to improve the quality of support – in short, to “do more with less”.


With the assystNET self-service portal you can divert traffic from the service desk to a more cost-effective and efficient automated digital channel.


For organizations that are struggling to climb out of a “break-fix” rut, the assystNET self-service portal is the first step to streamlining IT operations,  getting day-to-day demand under control and transforming IT into a mature business innovator.


A self-service portal is a double-win for the business. End users get the tools they need to maximize productivity, and IT reduces the day-to-day strain of calls coming in to the service desk.

Improve ServicesReduce Costs and Increase Customer Satisfaction

  • Reduce support, request and enquiry calls to the service desk by 70%-90%.
  • Break out of “firefighting mode” and take the first steps towards more effective and efficient IT.
  • Refocus the service desk on IT customer experience.

IT is under pressure to support more end users and more services on a constrained budget – yet is expected to innovate for the business. To solve this problem, IT needs to make it easy for end users to log and resolve their issues without the assistance of the service desk.

  • Empower end users to log their own incidents and service requests (and track progress along the way) without a single call to the service desk.
  • Fewer calls to the service desk and more self-resolved incidents means reduced cost at the service desk, releasing budget for improvements elsewhere.
  • End users can self-resolve their own issues faster, improving their business productivity and satisfaction with IT.
  • The service desk is freed up to focus on more complex issues and improvement projects, such as resolving infrastructure problems.
  • Fewer infrastructure problems mean fewer repetitive incidents to interrupt end user productivity and less strain on the service desk from break-fix work.
  • With infrastructure quality and service quality on the rise, IT is free to focus more time and resources on innovations that will transform the business.

The self-service portal acts as a digital interface between IT and the business, helping to align the two. Designed for a great user experience, assystNET is an intuitive self-service portal for end users who need support, services or information.

The self-service portal combines a set of powerful end-user tools in one easy-to-use web interface:

  • Self-logging. End users log their own incidents.
  • Service catalog. User-friendly shopping-style-experience lets end users request services and monitor progress towards delivery.
  • Peer support. Social IT collaboration tools enable end users to support each other.
  • Knowledge base. Empower end users to resolve their own incidents without any intervention from the service desk.
  • Password reset. Empower end users to solve one of the most common - and avoidable - IT issues.
  • Message center. End users stay up to date with what IT is up to.

What’s different about assyst?

  • Award-winning service catalog
  • Intuitive self-service logging
  • Market-leading peer support features
  • Powerful integrated knowledge base
  • Gamification features drive use of the self-service portal

Become an IT Champion using assyst

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Xentrall Shared Services increase customer satisfaction & shift practically all electronic requests from email to self-service within a year with the assyst self-service portal


“Like many organizations, Xentrall Shared Services were under increasing pressure to cut operational IT costs whilst at the same time improving the quality of support they offered. We quickly recognized that assystNET could help us do this.”



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