Enterprise IT Asset Management SoftwareManage the full IT asset lifecycle

IT Asset Management (ITAM) and IT Service Management (ITSM) share the same goal – managing technology to deliver business value. They’re part of the same machine, so it makes sense to help IT Asset Managers work in harmony with IT Service Managers – sharing tools and information to improve efficiency of IT operations and deliver more value to the business at a lower cost. That’s why we’re continually evolving the ITAM capabilities of our assyst product - to help you deliver more business value from technology.
As an integrated ITAM/ITSM solution, assyst helps ensure you derive optimized business value from IT assets. Every asset is recorded in a service-oriented context, which shows exactly how each asset fits into the technology stack and what it means to the business.


  • Manage the full IT asset lifecycle.
  • Service-oriented CMDB shows the business context of all assets.
  • Automated asset discovery keeps CMDB data fresh.
  • Optimize software license cost and compliance.



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Through the integration of IT ITAM and ITSM functionality within a single application, assyst ITAM Suite provides unique benefits to the business. With control of the full process of planning and delivering new systems and services in support of new business plans, assyst ITAM Suite makes IT more responsive to business needs and more timely in delivery.

Incorporating an enterprise-class CMDB, assyst ITAM Suite captures IT asset information to support both ITAM and ITSM processes, giving our customers an unparalleled depth of information to support a broad set of objectives. This close cohesion between asset management and service management functionality means that processes involving both the asset management and IT support groups can be managed from end-to-end.



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Organizations are under constant pressure to drive down the cost of IT. ITAM Suite incorporates “pervasive” cost capture, allowing IT to record costs against all purchases and activities, including support tasks. By linking assets, services, incidents and support tasks, assyst provides complete visibility of:

  • Lifetime cost of an asset or asset class, including purchase, deployment, maintenance, warranties, support and retirement.
  • Accurate cost of service provision based on people, assigned assets and shared assets.
  • IT costs attributable to each business unit, team or individual.

The ITAM Suite solution provides advanced license management capabilities to ensure efficient and compliant use of applications across the whole organization. By using ITAM Suite to manage licenses, your organization can save six or even seven-figure sums annually and eliminate the risk of a failed compliance audit.

  • Report on licenses which are officially in use.
  • Auto-discovery tools pick up unauthorized license usage.
  • Integrated Definitive Software Library (DSL) supports license management.
  • Vendor management tools.

Automated Asset Discovery

Get a complete and accurate view of your IT infrastructure. Powerful agent-based and agent-less discovery technology takes the heavy lifting out of building and maintaining a complete inventory of your IT systems.


With assyst ITAM Suite you can automatically discover the devices on your network and the applications that are running on them.


  • Discovery Wizard – An intuitive discovery wizard helps you quickly configure the system to collect the infrastructure data you need. Flexible discovery rules and profiles let you decide what data is collected and when.
  • Agent-based and agent-less discovery – Get full visibility of your IT infrastructure with automated discovery of hardware, mobile devices and installed software.
  • Application discovery – assyst ITAM Suite discovers and monitors applications and virtual machines that are running on your datacenter hardware and end user devices. This provides you with a full picture of software in your organization and helps you to ensure you’re only paying for what you need.



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Software Asset Management

Manage and optimize your organization’s use of applications with our powerful Software Asset Management (SAM) tools. With assyst ITAM Suite you get deep insight into how and where your business is using software.


By tracking software licenses and use, you can streamline the management of applications, uncover the potential compliance and security risks, and find significant savings on a large portion of the total IT budget.


  • Full lifecycle management – manage the request, deployment, maintenance, use and disposal of all software with an integrated ITAM/ITSM solution that ties together all of your infrastructure and operations data to give you the full picture of applications – and how they are used and supported in your organization.
  • Application discovery and monitoring – Identify apps, virtual machines and other software running in your datacenter and out in your networks. Monitor availability and performance so that prioritized actions can be taken quickly.
  • License compliance – Discover and track which software is in use in your organization and automatically compare with a record of owned licenses to ensure compliance at all times. Automated discovery tools and non-compliance alerts make it easy to find and eliminate unlicensed software and avoid the risks associated with vendor audits.



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IT Automation

assyst ITAM Suite enables you to administer a variety of critical and often time-consuming tasks, all from one centralized location.

assyst ITAM Suite supports power management for your Windows devices, helping reduce costs and energy usage. The intuitive user interface provides greater control and visibility over patch management.

You can easily deploy operating systems and software, or execute scripts remotely to your Windows devices. assystITAM also allows you to uninstall software.


  • Save money while helping the environment – Take control of power management and deliver quantifiable cost savings. Empower your team to be environmentally responsible by reducing your carbon footprint and extending the lifespan of IT assets.
  • Mitigate risk with increased security and compliance – Automate patch management to reduce the risk of a security breach and associated problems, such as data theft, loss of data or legal penalties.
  • Drive efficiencies in your ITAM practice – Reduce deployment time and effort through automated OS deployment. When you standardize operating systems, you reduce support, training and management costs.
  • Greater control over deployments – Create your own software repository of approved software and scripts.



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A Practical Guide to Integrating ITSM and ITAM

IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Asset Management (ITAM) are closely related disciplines within IT that are converging to face the new challenges of enterprise IT today. By integrating these two key functions, organizations can streamline IT performance, reduce costs and support more cohesive strategic planning.


In this whitepaper you’ll read about:

  1. Why you should integrate service and asset management

  2. What integrated ITSM/ITAM looks like

  3. Planning your approach

  4. Addressing people and process issues

  5. Handling data and toolset integration



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What’s different about assyst ITAM Suite?

  • Integrated ITAM and ITSM in one enterprise application. For greater efficiency across IT operation management.
  • ITSM and ITAM processes share and update information in the same data keeping it complete and accurate at all times.
  • Manage IT and non-IT assets in one system. Support other non-IT departments’ asset management requirements.

Become an IT Champion using assyst

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Hull City Council manages assets with assyst


“The assyst solution has given us complete and accurate visibility of all of IT and non-IT assets - an incredible feat for any large organization.”



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