IT Management Solutions for Energy & Oil

Boost IT maturity and business contribution

IT in the energy and oil sectors

IT leaders need to accelerate service delivery, streamline operations and support, and find operational efficiencies to make room for business innovation projects.

Modernize energy sector IT operations

Reduce costs. Increase IT efficiency. Improve business processes.

Reduce IT costs

IT budgets are becoming increasingly stretched. But many IT departments are still not cost-optimized. With assyst, smart automation and clear visibility of IT spend helps you focus resources and “do more with less”.


Improve services and support


Poor support costs your organization money. When service and support quality are improved, IT improves user productivity and business profitability. By implementing best practice support processes, IT can deliver measurable value in the form of greater business productivity.

Boost business productivity

boost_business_productivityMature IT departments enhance business productivity by deploying innovative new technologies. The assyst IT management solution helps you get IT operations under control, climb out of the break-fix rut, and free up resources to rapidly deploy business-boosting innovations.

"Self-service has increased both our performance and productivity"
"assyst has been the backbone of our IT service management for more than ten years, combining rich functionality with flexibility."

Key IT management features

Automate for high efficiency


Process Designer

Graphical process designer with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes managing your automated processes simple.


Event Management

Intelligent systems monitoring makes sense of events and triggers processes to resolve issues before they impact the organization.


Algorithmic Ops

Connect event conditions with automated response processes to automate routine IT tasks with zero human intervention.


Web Portal

Digitalize the IT customer experience with a web and mobile portal, empowering end users to log incidents and request services.


Easy Integration

Enable automated processes to control third party systems with simple, off-the-shelf integration connectors. No coding required.


Desktop Compliance

Automatically detect and resolve endpoint issues with plug’n’play compliance. If it’s on your network, compliance is guaranteed.

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Helping you on your journey to digital transformation



Choosing IT management tools that work for you

Considering IT maturity is critical to making the right choice.

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  • Assessment tools
  • Technology considerations
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The 7 attributes of high-performing IT service organizations

How perspective, outsourcing strategy, collaboration, and priorities impact performance.

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  • Why maturity matters
  • Business vs technology focus
  • Accounts
  • And more
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What are you doing to enhance the IT service experience

What great IT service looks like…and how to achieve it.

  • IT service experience strategy
  • Servicing value demand
  • Servicing failure demand
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