Software Metering & License Control

Quantify the real business need for software

Uncover your organization’s true software need

An Effective license Position (ELP) will tell you that your software installs are covered by licenses, but this is only half the story. Many apps are installed but never used. Software metering shows you the truth about software demand by identifying how and when it is used. Armed with this information you can remove unused apps, reclaim licenses, and reduce  software spend by 30% or more.

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assyst enriches license reports with software usage data to enable Software License Optimization (SLO)

Cut software costs with assyst. Find out how today.

Software discovery

Agentless and agent-based software discovery tools give you a complete map of hardware and software, automatically comparing installs with licenses owned to show your Effective License Position (ELP) at the click of a button.

“With assyst, the CMDB allows us to review software license usage, hardware lifecycles and plan for upgrades and refreshes.” 

Software metering

Establishing an effective license position will help you achieve license compliance and cut software costs, but to fully optimize license management you need to go a step further. assyst actively meters application usage so you can see how frequently they are used.

“Since implementing assyst we've noticed a remarkable improvement in reporting – we are more efficient as an organization."


Software control  

Where apps are unused, logins can be automatically removed and software remotely uninstalled. Where apps are used infrequently, precise metering data helps you work with business stakeholders to rationalize licenses and find savings without disrupting business processes and capacity.

“We can find reliable asset information in seconds. This has freed up an enormous amount of time, which can be spent on more productive tasks."


Level-up your Software Asset Management (SAM) with assyst

Key software metering and license control features

Software metering is a core part of the assyst IT management solution. No integration required.



See which applications are used most or least, and how trends are changing. 



Set custom rules for automated removal of unused software. 



Get detailed software usage reports to assist in conversations with line managers and software vendors. 

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The assyst solution for IT Business Management (ITBM)

assyst is a single IT management app, integrated by design. Find out more about other IT management features you get with assyst.

Financial Management


Get a complete view of IT demands and costs with all IT financial management (ITFM) data in one place.

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Service Portfolio & Design


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Contract & Supplier Management 


Track and manager suppliers to get more from your outsourced functions.

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Policy Governance 


Use simple automation to apply practical rules for Governance, Risk and Compliance Management (GRCM). 

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Audit & Compliance 


Automation makes it easy to check, correct, and prove compliance in minutes, not weeks. 

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Resource Planning


Manage your team's capacity and workload to ensure SLAs and project deadlines are met every time.

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assyst gives you powerful features to boost IT performance across service management, operations, and the management of IT as a business.


Make Software License Optimization (SLO) a reality with assyst

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