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Software Asset Management

Save up to 30% of your software budget

Compliance and optimization

For many organizations, maintaining compliance means overbuying software licenses. Because they can’t see where software is installed and used, they’re overspending by up to 30% to avoid vendor true-up fines.


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assyst gives you visibility of where software is installed, used, and paid for—so you can resolve risks and eliminate waste. With the right information and tools, you can achieve both license compliance and license optimization.

Compliance headaches? See how assyst reduces stress for our customers

Simple compliance

If license compliance is your responsibility, assyst can help. Automated software discovery shows you what’s installed and what’s in use—across all your servers, desktops, mobile and IoT devices. The assyst Compliance Engine compares this with the licenses you own, showing you where you’re overpaying and where you’re under-licensed. Once your license positions are corrected, these reports demonstrate compliance when vendors come to audit.

“assyst allows us to review software license usage, and plan for upgrades and refreshes as well as report on asset related incidents.” 

License optimization

assyst gives you the tools you need to eliminate the guesswork and identify your true software needs. Software metering gives you insights into where software is really used, challenging the assumptions on which historic license purchases were based. Unused software can be remotely reclaimed—helping you avoid hefty vendor true-up fines. Usage reports help you make data-driven procurement decisions—so you avoid overpaying for licenses.

"We chose assyst from Axios Systems as it was the only solution that would fully meet our needs and came highly recommended." 

SAM automation

Powerful automation reduces the daily burden of managing software in a large organization. assyst’s comprehensive SAM toolset gives you centralized control over software audit, deployment, upgrade, patching, metering, monitoring and alerts—helping you enforce policies and maintain compliance and security.

"We can find reliable asset information in seconds. This has freed up an enormous amount of time, which can be spent on more productive tasks." 

See how you could cut license costs by 30%

Key Software Asset Management features

Software Asset Management (SAM) is a core part of the assyst IT management solution. No modules to integrate.

Software Discovery


Agent-less and agent-based software discovery ensures you get the full picture without manual effort.

Application Mapping


assyst connects applications with infrastructure to make business sense of your IT environment.

Software Metering


See where applications are delivering value, and where they are being wasted.

Remote Deployment


Control and automate the deployment of OS's and applications, reducing manual workloads by up to 99%.

Patch Management


Ensure your operating systems and apps are patched and secured at all times with centralized control.



Synthetic transactions continuously test applications to measure performance as your users see it.

Can 6 minutes improve your ITSM strategy?

We think so, and we've recorded 4 podcasts to inspire you!

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The assyst solution for IT Service Management

assyst is a single app, integrated by design. Find out more about some of the other ready-to-use IT management features you get with assyst.

IT Asset Management


Manage the lifecycle of your hardware, software, virtual and cloud assets.

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Event Management


Get real-time status visibility and performance insight over your global IT infrastructure.

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Service-view CMDB


The core of assyst, our CMDB provides unique breadth and depth of information.

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Security Operations Management


Integrate IT ops and SecOps to automatically detect and route/resolve security incidents.

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Application Discovery & Dependency Mapping

Application_Discovery_and_Dependency Mapping_306

Intelligent discovery gives you a software-oriented view of infrastructure.

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Endpoint Management


Manage desktops, laptops, tablets, mobiles and smart IoT devices for security, compliance, and performance.

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Capacity & Availability


Track and plan capacity and availability to meet changing business demands.

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Orchestration & Automation


Powerful process control and simple integration enable end-to-end service automation.

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One app for IT management: IT Operations Management (ITOM), IT Service Management, and IT Business Management.


See how you can achieve and demonstrate license compliance

Helping you on your journey to digital transformation



How to avoid fines in your organization

Security breaches and software infringements are on the rise.

  • License overspend
  • Fragmented processes
  • Increased risk

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Achieving transformational change with integrated assyst ITAM

Find out about the 4 top use cases and how they transform ITAM.

  • Improved support
  • Software re-harvesting
  • Client automation
  • Performance monitoring

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assyst Software Asset Management

Integrated IT Asset Management and IT Service Management.

  • Full lifecycle management
  • Automated software discovery, mapping and metering
  • Security and patch management

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