Service View CMDB

Get a business view of your IT environment

CMDB made easy

Implementing a service view CMDB can be tough, especially if it means integrating yet another module into a legacy framework. The assyst IT management solution is different. The CMDB is the core application database.

The assyst CMDB stores everything from hardware and software details to monitoring data, support tickets, requests, workflows, documents, knowledge and more. And it’s all interlinked to give you a rich network of contextual information—enabling your IT people to work more quickly and effectively.

See how a service-oriented CMDB can transform your IT operations

Extended CMDB

All IT service management (ITSM), Infrastructure & Operations (I&O), and IT Business Management (ITBM) data in a single, unified database.

Making sense of your IT environment

The work that IT does—whether it’s manual or automated--relies on accurate data. To make sure what your IT people are doing aligns with business need they need a service perspective. Combining discovery data, dependency mapping, and operations data, assyst builds up a complete logical view of your infrastructure—including the relationships between services, systems, users, and components.

“A key benefit of assyst is the CMDB, forming the centre of the product.” 


Top-down service views

Architecture-level visibility of your IT environment is critical to the planning and optimization of your service portfolio. assyst gives you a complete view of your service architectures at the click of a button. Detailed service maps show you the service components and structures that make up every offering in your service portfolio. Quickly drill-down into component visualizations to see status, performance, and relationship types/status.

“With assyst, the CMDB allows us to review software license usage, hardware lifecycles and plan for upgrades and refreshes as well as report on asset related incidents.” 

Bottom-up infrastructure views

Better visibility de-risks much of the work that IT does. Knowing what a component means to the business is critical to the stability of your infrastructure, services, and business operations. assyst’s bottom-up, component-centric infrastructure views give your IT people a systems perspective. When they can see the knock-on impact of what they’re doing, they can make more informed decisions, adapt change plans, find better workarounds, and improve performance—all without interrupting services.

“assyst has been the backbone of our IT service management for more than ten years. It combines a high functional density with flexibility and high strength.” 

See how a service-oriented CMDB can transform IT operations

Key Service-View CMDB features

The Service-View CMDB is a core part of the assyst IT management solution. No integration required.


Auto discovery

Identifies hardware and installed software, network components, fixed and mobile end points.


Dependency mapping

Identifies and tracks relationships between service components to build up a full contextual picture.



Service and infrastructure visualizations are interactive, letting you re-orientate and drill-down to get the perspective you need.



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The assyst solution for IT Operations Management

assyst is a single IT management app, integrated by design. Find out more about some of the other ready-to-use IT management features you get with assyst.

IT Asset Management


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Software Asset Management


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Orchestration & Automation


Powerful process control and simple integration enables end-to-end service automation.

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Application Discovery & Dependency Mapping

Application_Discovery_and_Dependency Mapping_306

Intelligent discovery gives you a software-oriented view of infrastructure.

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Capacity & Availability


Track and plan capacity and availability to meet changing business demands.

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Event Management


Get real-time status visibility and performance insight over your global IT infrastructure.

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Security Operations Management


Integrate IT ops and SecOps to automatically detect and route/resolve security incidents.

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Endpoint Management


Manage desktops, laptops, tablets, mobiles and smart IoT devices for security, compliance, and performance.

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assyst gives you complete visibility and control right across IT: services, assets, operations, customer demand, costs, and more.


Changes causing incidents? See the impact before you act.

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