Service Solutions for HR Managers

Transform HR with efficient service management

Digital HR service solutions 

HR departments need to take a managed approach to interaction with employees. A digital HR portal provides an efficient interface with service customers – a “store-front” for HR. Behind the scenes, process automation and operational reporting help drive improved efficiency and better, faster, and cheaper HR services for the business.

HR Service catalog

Snowed under with calls and emails? Drag-and-drop HR process automation can manage up to 80% of your daily operational HR workload, freeing you and your team to pursues strategic sourcing, engagement, and personnel development initiatives.


Make work visible


Digital workload management makes HR workloads visible, reportable, and manageable. Rich reporting makes it easy to spot and eliminate waste, accelerate outcomes, and make more time for important strategic HR projects. 

Get more done

HR_managers_get_more_doneThe drag-and-drop workload manager lets you quickly check capacity, assign ownership, and set timescales for completion—ensuring tasks are prioritized in line with business objectives.

"Deploying assyst has enabled Mohawk HR to consolidate and truly form a HR Center of Excellence. assyst has taken service to the next level within HR."

Unlock the Value of ITIL 4 with 5 Key Takeaways that can be Used Today!

Content for HR managers and teams

ESM HR Brochure


Transform HR through efficient service management

The right technology empowers you to “do more with less”.

  • Digital portal
  • Self-service
  • HR process automation
  • Insight & analytics
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Enterprise Service Catalog: Bring all your internal service providers together in a single enterprise portal

IT can create business value by enabling service management in other areas of the business.

  • HR
  • Facilities
  • Accounts
  • And more
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Enterprise Service Management: Building a service-oriented organization

ESM has redefined the role of IT, placing it at the heart of business transformation.

  • What ESM looks like
  • How to build an enterprise service portal
  • ESM success stories
20 minute read

See how assyst can transform HR into a more efficient, strategy-focused team