Service Mapping

Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping (ADDM)

Map application services to infrastructure

Having an accurate, top-down view of applications and services—one that lets all IT people understand the interdependencies—is critical to achieving the high levels of availability and performance that employees and customers expect.

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assyst automatically discovers and maps application components and dependencies

Get a top-down view of your applications and services at the click of a button.

assyst Application Discovery & Dependency Mapping (ADDM) discovers and tracks application components and dependencies to provide a logical, service-oriented model of your infrastructure and what it does for your business.

Application discovery

Automated agent-based and agent-less discovery gives you complete coverage of all your applications, whether they live inside your firewall or out in the cloud. No blind spots.

“assyst continues to demonstrate value to the business with the use of automation capabilities.” 

Dependency mapping

assyst makes sense of your IT ecosystem by identifying the relationships between application and infrastructure components. These relationships are stored in the integrated assyst CMDB with detailed application and hardware configuration information. Collectively, this rich data enables assyst to provide visual and interactive application dependency maps.

"assyst is ideally suited to support our rapidly growing organization." 


Application and service maps give you real-time view of all application components and their status—with no blind spots. This interactive map gives you the data you need for more effective change planning, capacity planning, and availability management—as well as letting you find and fix application issues faster.

"assyst has been instrumental in increasing efficiency and visibility of IT." 

Get a top-down view of your applications and services at the click of a button.

Key Service and Application Mapping features

Service Mapping is a core part of the assyst IT management solution. No integration required.



Automated discovery provides a comprehensive view of applications and their environment.



Application maps are enriched with real-time, color-coded status information.

Root Cause Analysis


Interactive application maps enable drill-down into status and configuration data for rapid root cause analysis.

Remote Management


Take remedial actions to resolve issues without even leaving the assyst app.



Use application maps to find and secure all the components that store and process your most sensitive data.



Native integration with capacity and availability information drives more efficient and effective support processes.


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The assyst Solution for Service Mapping

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