Virtual Agent Chatbot

Free-up 30%+ of your support capacity with an intelligent service desk chatbot

AI-driven support changes the game 

AI-driven chatbots enable a paradigm shift for the service desk: A chatbot can look after thousands of incidents, queries and requests simultaneously—while your service desk agents focus on solving complex issues and delivering a better IT customer experience.

Service Desk Chatbot in action
Integrate a support chatbot into the assyst self-service portal to provide IT customers with instant access to services, support, and information. 

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Flexible chatbot integration 

Our chatbot integration framework works with 100+ chatbot engines, including Microsoft Bot Framework. 

Easy chatbot deployment 

Simple integration lets you quickly deploy the chatbot of your choice. Built on a single CMDB database for IT service and operations management, our chatbot integration framework makes it easy to hook any chatbot engine into assyst to feed it with the information it needs to support your IT customers. 

"We had a workable prototype ready within 2 days and live-launched the chatbot on our self-service portal the following week."


Increase Support Capacity by 30% +

Powerful virtual agents 

Through tight integration with assyst, chatbots can do more than just provide answers. They can act to help IT customers: triggering a password reset, booking a meeting room, or provisioning a new device—all without human intervention from the service desk. Most of the usual daily operations of the service desk can be automated, freeing up agents to tackle the most important business technology issues.

"We started off with a simple Q&A model to cover the top queries and quickly extended into more advanced handling and automation."



Enterprise service chatbot 

Why limit your chatbot to providing IT support? Our assyst solution supports service management across all corporate service providers—including HR, Facilities, Legal, Marketing, and others—in one solution. This means your employees can get the help they need—from any department—through the chatbot. A true one-stop shop for smart support. 

"Having started with the service desk, we have extended our virtual agent to cover five more internal service providers and our staff love the simplicity of it."



See a service desk chatbot in action

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Virtual service desk agent benefits 

Benefit from best-of-breed chatbot technology 

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24x7 availability 

Chatbots are always on, always ready to provide support to your employees. 

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Unlimited scalability 

A chatbot can handle thousands of support cases simultaneously. 

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Better UX 

Many employees prefer self-service support channels, of which a chatbot is the most effective. 

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Instant support 

Users get instant access to support. No waiting in a call queue. 

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Faster resolution 

No waiting means faster ticket resolution. Faster resolution means better business productivity. 

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Happy IT customers 

Employees want to be productive: chatbots help them do that. 

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assyst is a single app, integrated by design. Find out more about some of the other ready-to-use IT management features you get with assyst. 

assyst helps you design and deploy support channels to enable optimum service delivery for your organization


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Webinar: Improve your ITSM delivery with AI chatbots 

What are chatbots and how can they benefit your service desk? 

  • Harness AI automation to serve customers 
  • The importance of self-service and knowledge 
  • Improve the IT customer experience 

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What are you doing to enhance the IT service experience? 

What great IT service looks like…and how to get there 

  • Strategy for improving the service experience 
  • Customer journey maps as a tool for improvement 
  • Tips for success and pitfalls to avoid 

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Choosing an ITSM solution that’s right for you 

Considering IT maturity is critical to making the right ITSM technology choices 

  • Maturity models and assessments 
  • Technology considerations 
  • Putting the two together to choose the tech that works for you  

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