Service Catalog

Modernize the IT experience

Service Catalog

Bring the service desk into the digital age with a consumer-style service catalog. Designed to provide an intuitive experience, the assyst service catalog is an award-winning digital storefront for IT.


See how assyst can empower your IT transformation

Service Catalog made easy

Create new services in minutes

Digital User Experience

Help employees help themselves by presenting a clear, self-service catalog of technology services. Easy to find and easy to use, this consumer-style web and mobile portal guides end users through an intuitive ordering and tracking process.

"The service portal has significantly improved our engagement with customers and produced savings in time and effort."

Creating a New Service

Building a new service is simple and codeless:

  1. Create a service request form (or adapt an existing form).
  2. Use the drag-and-drop process designer to create a fulfilment process.
  3. Decide your SLAs, cost components and entitlements.
  4. Publish. It’s that simple.
"The number of calls to the service desk has visibly reduced, allowing staff to focus on improving service to customers."

Managing Services

Dashboards give you quick visibility of service catalog consumption, performance, costs, and customer satisfaction. Detailed reports give a detailed view of the sources of demand and how demand is changing over time, helping you align resources with business need and focus improvement for the biggest impact.

"Our service catalog includes over 200 services across 14 internal service providers."


See how assyst can empower your IT transformation


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Key service catalog features

The assyst service catalog is a core part of the assyst app. Nothing to integrate.


Web and Mobile

Anytime, anywhere, any device access to the service catalog empowers employees on the move to access the services they need to do their jobs better.


Easy Admin

Add new services to the catalogue in just a few minutes with our codeless configuration tools. Simple enough for non-technical service providers to manage their own portfolio.


Process Designer

Graphical process designer with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes managing a large portfolio of services simple.



Granular cost tracking gives you a full view of the costs attached to creating and providing services—helping you make better investment decisions.


Logical Structure

Tame the complexity. assyst helps you keep your service portfolio organized using a hierarchy of logical departments and categories for easy browsing.


Built-in SLAs

Integrated SLAs are triggered automatically the moment a service request is logged, with automated alerting and escalation if an SLA is breached.

Can 6 minutes improve your ITSM strategy?

We think so, and we've recorded 4 podcasts to inspire you!

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the assyst solution for IT Service Management

assyst is a single app, integrated by design. Find out more about some of the other ready-to-use IT management features that you get with assyst.

Password Reset


Divert up to 25% of calls away from your service desk with this simple employee password recovery tool.

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Process & Service Automation


Automate IT service and IT operations processes with this codeless drag-and-drop process designer.

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Collaboration & Gamification


Realize the potential of your organization’s knowledge pool with a global platform for information sharing and solution crowd-sourcing.

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Unified Self-Service Portal


Reduce calls to your service desk, shifting IT people from answering phones to solving business problems.

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Knowledge Management


Quit reinventing the wheel. assyst integrates knowledge capture and sharing into every aspect of IT to promote reusable knowledge.

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Service Desk Software


Empower your agents with the technology they need to fix and close more incidents the first time.

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Mobile IT Workforce Tools


Give your IT people access to the information and controls they need to perform while out in the field.

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With assyst, you get ITSM, ITOM, and ITBM in one app.


Reduce calls to the service desk by over 50%. See how it works.

Helping you on your journey to digital transformation



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