New asset control tool winning powerful supporters

New asset control tool winning powerful supporters

Many other top organizations are also discovering the benefits of Axios Systems' asset control tool, assystDiscovery, which provides information on hardware and software, giving organizations an accurate up-to-date picture of some of their biggest investments. 


Implementation of assystDiscovery at the British Library, which houses 150 million items in 400 languages ranging from 300 BC to the latest editions of magazines, will improve control of software licenses and help cut costs. Staff use some 2,500 PCs and tens of thousands of individual software programmes. 


Other clients which have already agreed to implement the product include power generator and top FTSE 100 company Innogy, electricity and gas supplier npower, international insurance and financial services company Skandia, stores group Somerfield, IT Services firm Xansa, Thames Valley Police and an international banking organization in Switzerland. 


Pop music station MTV Networks Europe was one of the organizations which hosted recent successful roadshows on assystDiscovery. 


"One of the main benefits will be to ensure compliance with software licenses," said Mark Dawson, Desktop Support and IT Help Desk Manager at the British Library. "We're moving to a central purchasing system so we will be able to maximize the allocation of licenses throughout the organization." 


assystDiscovery helps ensure that organizations comply with software licensing - for instance rules set by the Federation Against Software Theft (FAST). It provides a complete breakdown of software installations and usage across the enterprise, allowing informed business decisions to be made about software deployment. 


It also reduces maintenance, replacement and operating expenditure by controlling system hardware. Accurate information increases first time fixes and reduces fix times for second line support since technical staff have detailed and accurate information about the hardware and software involved. 


The product's Lan Probe technology shows where all hardware is plugged in, even if staff have moved it. assystDiscovery audits equipment wherever it is on any IP connection, even over the Internet. 


"We looked at several other asset management products but some were able only to handle either software or hardware - not both," Dawson added. "Another advantage is that it can be integrated with our existing assyst IT Service Management tool." 


npower - the UK's largest supplier of electricity and second largest supplier of gas - will use assystDiscovery to help audit its 13,000 desktop PCs and laptops and maintain strict software management at sites throughout the UK. Implementation is part of a corporate FAST accreditation programme. 


The company, which has 7 million customers, is also aiming to achieve significant savings by rationalizing software and getting rid of excess licenses. 


In addition, npower believes that assystDiscovery will help it manage a larger inventory with the same number of staff, producing a significant saving on resources. It recently bought leading regional suppliers Yorkshire Electricity and Northern Electricity, so its centralized team is looking after much more hardware and software. 


"More and more organizations are becoming aware of the importance of proper asset management and the rewards that it can bring. Return on Investment has a major influence on IT Directors' decision making - that's why assystDiscovery has proved to be so popular," commented Ailsa Symeonides, Sales & Marketing Director of Axios Systems. 



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