Following a Record-Breaking 15-Day ITIL Implementation, PRIMECorp Gears Up for Continued Growth with Axios Systems

Following a Record-Breaking 15-Day ITIL Implementation, PRIMECorp Gears Up for Continued Growth with Axios Systems

ITSM solution provider, Axios Systems, announces that after a record-breaking speed of implementation, current customer, PRIMECorp, will continue expanding ITSM solution, assyst, throughout its organization.


In late 2007, PRIMECorp (Police Records Information Management Environment Incorporated) used in-house systems to provide Help Desk services to its 13,000+ end users. This process quickly proved unreliable and inefficient. As a result, PRIMECorp decided it needed external help with finding an ITIL®-based solution that could track Service Desk tickets, change requests, system changes, and eventually provide clients access to the status of individual requests on the fly. “We were fortunate to have Fujitsu Consultants assist us in performing an exhaustive analysis, which came down to two vendors and Axios won out,” stated Russell Sanderson, General Manager at PRIMECorp.


Within 15 days of starting the assyst implementation, the project was complete. Sanderson said, “We actually had a new PRIMECorp employee complete the implementation of assyst. This is an excellent example of how user friendly the solution really is.”


Through Incident Management alone, PRIMECorp has already seen multiple benefits, including increased tracking of Service Desk tickets, higher visibility and improved customer satisfaction. The organization is also now able to properly track the resolution of tickets.


“As we look ahead at our future with assyst, we look forward to implementing more processes, as well as continuing to roll out the solution to all 13,000+ end users,” added Sanderson.


About PRIMECorp


PRIMECorp is the corporation that enables the province wide multi-jurisdictional Records Management System (RMS) and Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system that makes up the PRIME-BC - Police Records Information Management Environment of British Columbia. PRIME-BC exists to support policing and to enhance public safety in B.C. by facilitating province-wide management and sharing of all operational police information within a multi-jurisdictional, cross-agency partnership.


About Axios Systems


For more than 25 years, Axios Systems has been committed to innovation by providing rapid deployment of SaaS and on-premise IT Service Management (ITSM) software. With teams in 22 locations globally and over 1,000 successful customer deployments, Axios is a worldwide leader in ITSM solutions.


Axios’s ITSM software, assyst, is purpose-built, designed to transform IT departments from technology-focused cost centers into profitable business-focused customer service teams.


An out-of-the-box solution, assyst enables faster, less costly delivery and support of IT services better than any other enterprise-class ITSM solution, allowing our clients to offer unparalleled multichannel support.


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