Axios Systems Sponsors Computer Aid in Cycle Cuba Challenge

Axios Systems Sponsors Computer Aid in Cycle Cuba Challenge

Axios Systems (, the world’s largest single focussed IT Service Management (ITSM) company, is pleased to announce sponsoring Computer Aid International in the Cycle Cuba Challenge. This is part of an ongoing initiative to help raise money to bring computers to classrooms across the developing world. 


Axios is delighted to be covering a portion of the £40,000 sponsorship needed by the journalists at Computing, a partner of Computer Aid, to cycle. £2,500 covers the cost of 1 cyclists’ participation and will enable the charity to equip (per participant) one school with 20 classroom computers. 


Tasos Symeonides, CEO, Axios Systems commented, “IT plays a crucial role is all aspects of modern life and young people here in the UK are fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to enjoy computers and the opportunities they offer from an early age. However, children from developing countries desperately need computer skills in order to fulfil their potential and compete for professional jobs. Only with a workforce skilled in IT can such economies compete fairly with others in trade and investment. I am therefore thrilled that Axios supports Computer Aid's worthy efforts to help to provide IT equipment to change the lives and future career prospects of disadvantaged children.” 


As well as equipping schools with computers to enhance the children’s learning facilities, Computer Aid’s 350km Cycle Cuba challenge across Trinidad, the Caribbean and Sierra de Escambray mountains will raise money to assist with their efforts on projects in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. The project aims to provide 43 rural hospitals with the equipment needed to send x-rays and scans to specialists in major cities. Since there is a shortage of specialist doctors in these countries the project allows for their time to be better spent on diagnosis and treatment rather than travelling. The 12 hospitals that took part in a recent pilot scheme have already seen many lives saved in their communities so increasing the scheme to include all 43 hospitals will ensure many more lives are salvaged. 


Bryan Glick, editor at Computing says, "The challenge of cycling Cuba's undulating hills and mountains was tough work but a lot of fun - but most of all it raised significant funds to help Computer Aid International equip a vital telemedicine project in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda that will help rural people gain access to medical help much more quickly. Computing really appreciates the support from Axios and their sponsorship is going to help a fantastic cause." 


About Computer Aid International 


Computer Aid International is a registered charity, founded to contribute to bridging the digital divide between educational and non-profit organisations in the UK and developing countries. 


The charity, founded in 1997, has sent over 90,000 computers to more than 100 countries worldwide. Computer Aid supplied over 22,000 refurbished computers in 2006 to hundreds of educational and community organisations across the world from its warehouse and headquarters in the UK. 


The majority of these have gone to schools and community organisations in sub-Saharan Africa. The charity has also shipped thousands to Latin America and the South Asian sub-continent. 


With partners including Sightsavers International, Computer Aid has also provided hundreds of PCs installed with adaptive technologies for the blind and partially sighted in more than 20 different countries.