Axios Gains Strategic Advantage In Russia With Legal Entity Established To Deliver Best Practice ITSM Software

Axios Gains Strategic Advantage In Russia With Legal Entity Established To Deliver Best Practice ITSM Software

Axios Systems, one of the world’s leading providers of IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions, today announced that it has passed all legal and regulatory requirements and has established a legal entity in Moscow, further extending the company’s global footprint. The new entity provides Axios with numerous competitive advantages over the majority of other global ITSM providers in the market that operate through representative offices, including the ability to enter into commercial contracts and receive payments in local currency. 


Axios made the decision to invest the extra time and effort required to establish a legal entity in Russia as it believes the market is a strong strategic opportunity for its ITSM software and ITIL®-based consultancy. Axios has already secured a number of high profile Russian companies as customers including M-Video, LANIT (the largest systems integrator), Yandex Money (the largest online payment company), Nienschanz and Kopeyka, one of Russia’s largest retailers, among others. 


Strong market growth and large populations have made Russia and the other BRIC markets the world’s most promising. According to Euromonitor, the combined BRIC economies are expected to outstrip the G6 (Germany, France, Italy, Japan, UK and USA) by 2041. In the near-term, while the country is affected by the global economic downturn, GDP remains set to grow at a modest 3 percent versus the negative output elsewhere. Euromonitor expects continued economic growth to be driven by strong consumer demand, which is likely to help the country better weather the economic downturn. In 2007, consumer expenditure represented 48.0% of Russia’s GDP. Consumer spending will in turn drive continued corporate growth. 


Axios believes that going forward in the current economic downturn, managing IT infrastructure costs, leveraging investments already in place and delivering real value to the business will become ever more important to organizations. ITIL®-based ITSM solutions such as Axios Systems' assyst solution will play a major role in IT departments driving real value for the business by using IT intelligently and directing investments effectively. Improving operational efficiency will help businesses to reduce costs and improve overall organizational performance: service quality and service agility. 

While ITIL® and ITSM have become widely accepted in Russia, the market until now has been dominated by framework vendors. Organizations have been struggling with ITSM software that is difficult to manage, costly to maintain and highly inflexible, and has ultimately become a hindrance rather than an enabler of change that supports the specific needs of Russian customers. 


Axios believes the Russian IT market is thirsty for more versatile, out-of-the-box solutions that can address individual requirements and help them manage the rapidly changing needs of the business. The company sees a major opportunity in the Russian market for its software and unique approach that helps companies address their processes first. 


Andros Symeonides, head of emerging markets at Axios Systems said, "This a strong move which we are making at a time when many companies are going into survival mode. Axios has consistently thrived during times of economic challenges. We see the coming year as a great opportunity to establish a strong presence in Russia and begin helping customers achieve and exceed their operational efficiency targets and enable them to deliver true value to the business." 


The assyst solution is able to deliver significant benefits to companies including using the software, from freeing up engineer resources by allowing customers to increase the number of first-line fixes through to identifying unused assets and licenses, to identifying trends and addressing them through problem management features. 


The strategic move in Russia comes on the back of continued double digit growth from the company’s core markets, including the UK, North America, France and Germany. Axios is currently implementing aggressive growth plans in Russia, Eastern and Central Europe, the Middle East, South America, Southern Europe, Asia Pacific, the Benelux region and the Nordics, both through direct sales and the company’s recently revamped partner program. In the past quarter alone, Axios has entered into deals with new clients in Dubai, Qatar and Kuwait in the Middle East and also in Brazil and the Netherlands, in addition to numerous deals signed in the company’s traditional markets. 


The company’s new legal status will make it much more attractive to prospective customers and partners who no longer have to sign a contract with a foreign company, where tax issues and operational problems come into play.