84 Per Cent of Organizations Expect Engagement between IT and the Business to Increase through Service Catalog

84 Per Cent of Organizations Expect Engagement between IT and the Business to Increase through Service Catalog

Axios Systems, the world’s leading provider of IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions, including the assyst software, today reveals the results of a survey from its first in a series of webcasts around Service Catalog implementations.


Sixty one per cent of participants at the first webcast, ‘Building a Business Case for a Service Catalog’, had already started their Service Catalog project. Attendees were asked a series of questions around their concerns with a Service Catalog and the benefits they expect to gain from the implementation.


When asked about what worried the business most about implementing a Service Catalog, almost 60 per cent of attendees were most concerned with the personnel resources involved and how this would impact the business. During the live Q&A at the end of the webcast, Barclay Rae, Head of Axios Global Services, stated that “having a Service Catalog in place will actually help to slim-line resources by cutting down on administration required”. This will allow staff to carry out more value-adding, proactive tasks.


Of those who attended, 50 per cent were concerned about the cost involved in having a Service Catalog. Barclay explained that while there will be an initial outlay in creating the Service Catalog, an organization can quickly achieve a quick Return on Investment (ROI).


Concerns around customer adoption were also high, with 44 per cent of attendees of the same opinion. However, this can be avoided by ensuring that customers are involved in the project from as early as the scoping stage, whereby an organization can gather their requirements and incorporate them into the project.


Many reports state that it is a priority for organizations to align IT with the business. 84 per cent of those surveyed confirmed that they expect a Service Catalog will do this, which emphasizes the importance of such an implementation.


A further expected benefit of note, with 59 per cent agreeing, is an improvement in request delivery, which can be achieved through the automation of processes and thus a reduction in manual errors.


Ailsa Symeonides, Sales and Marketing Director at Axios Systems says, “The Service Catalog has been a major focus for Axios over the last 6 months and we are pleased to be able to help organizations understand the importance of such an implementation by holding webcasts such as these and helping to alleviate their concerns and prove its significance.”


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