How to provide better support for your home workers

Multiply your service desk capacity with a modern digital service management platform

Separated from their colleagues, the service desk is a vital lifeline for your employees. The challenge for service desk managers is to support many more home workers—and provide a different kind of support because people are working differently.

You service desk needs to make sure your people get the technology they need, support when they need it, and new how-to knowledge to help them use unfamiliar collaboration technologies.

Because physical interaction isn’t an option, mass home working is driving a shift towards digital technologies which enable home workers to be productive. Likewise, the service desk needs modern digital technology to support an increase in home workers (without expanding the service desk). But, if you’re still using a legacy ITSM solution, you may not have the latest ITSM technology which is essential to providing all your employees with a great digital support experience.

assyst gives your home workers digital access to services, support, self- diagnosis, self-resolution, how-to knowledge and peer support
A digital service management platform is essential to supporting home workers without increasing your service desk budget

See how assyst can transform the workplace experience (WX) for your employees

Digital service management is the key to supporting home workers without increasing costs

Our assyst solution includes everything you need to keep your workforce productive—in a single, easy-to-deploy cloud app.

Give them the technology they need

The best way to ensure your home working employees have the technology they need is a service catalog—a one-stop-shop for apps, devices, and services. Our assyst ITSM solution incorporates an award-winning service catalog which lets people quickly search and order the services they need, through a consumer-like web and mobile portal. Under the hood, automated service fulfilment reduces the cost of providing digital services to almost zero.


"The self service portal with a well-thought-out service catalog can get you to greater than 90% first contact resolution."



Give them the help they need

Our assyst digital service management portal gives your employees choices in the way they get support. They can interact with a virtual agent chatbot, chat with a human agent, collaborate with their peers, search the knowledge base, or simply log a ticket if they want a service desk agent to investigate the issue for them. They get the help they need—without flooding the service desk with calls.


"Our end users were quick to adopt the use of the self-service portal which resulted in operational efficiencies very soon after launching."


Reduce Support Costs

Give them the know-how they need

The shift to home working demands a change in the way people work—and requires new IT services to support that change. The service desk must ensure employees have the know-how they require to transition smoothly to home working and be productive. With our assyst web portal you can centralize and control content. The right people get the right content at the right time—without losing a big slice of your budget to one-on-one training.


"We like the contextual knowledge base and modern UI."


Built for Open Knowledge Sharing

Transitioning to home working

Shifting an existing employee from office working to home working is like onboarding a new one—it’s about getting them set up with everything they need to be productive. Like onboarding, the transition experience will have a profound influence on how an employee rates the quality of your IT support, so it’s important to get it right. Our assyst solution helps you plan and execute a seamless shift to home working—driven by a powerful yet simple drag-and-drop service orchestration engine which automates delivery and cuts costs.


"assyst helped our implementation of itsm processes, through a friendly, agile interface and with no need for programming knowledge."



Are out-dated ITSM tools getting in the way of providing great home-worker support?

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Digital support for home workers

Benefits of a modern service management solution

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Service catalog

Cut service request calls by 60% or more with an compelling web and mobile experience.



Further reduce service desk calls by enabling employees to log, diagnose, and resolve their own issues.



Give employees real-time access to your global pool of knowledge, wherever they are.



Free up 30%+ of your support capacity with an intelligent virtual agent chatbot.



10X your service desk capacity while making big cost savings through self-service and automation.

24x7 availability

24x7 availability

Extend support hours without scaling-up the size of your service desk team.

assyst is a modern digital service management platform

assyst is a single app, integrated by design. Find out more about some of the other ready-to-use IT management features you get with assyst. 

assyst helps you design and deploy support channels to enable optimum service delivery for your organization


10X your support capacity with a modern digital service management platform

Helping you on your journey to digital transformation


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