Resource planning and management

Connecting strategy with execution

Turn strategic plans into definitive actions

IT is under extreme pressure to execute innovation for the business. In the fast-moving digital age, delivering project outcomes fast is critical to business success. assyst helps you connect strategy with execution and organize people to deliver targeted innovation.

Drag-and-drop Kanban boards give you clear visibility of individual and team workload

Find out how you can accelerate innovation with assyst

IT project management

Plan and execute IT projects faster with more efficient people  management. Project prioritization ensures you are focusing effort on the most valuable initiatives. Task and resource planning ensure you have the right people doing the right things at the right times to deliver the results you need—while operating within your time, cost, quality and risk constraints.

“We examined 10 different systems before concluding that assyst met our needs best.” 

IT resource management

With assyst you can quickly create a work breakdown structure and assign tasks. Staff availability calendars give you visibility of activities, making it easy to avoid conflicts and overloading. Drag-and-drop assignment makes it easy to assign tasks to the right people at the right times. The result: you complete more projects faster while avoiding burnout.  

“The IT team is truly more efficient.” 


Reporting and analytics  

Retrospective reviews of project metrics provide valuable insights, giving you a greater understanding of your project dynamics and enabling more accurate planning in the future. assyst captures rich information letting you report and analyse effort and contributions, task timescales, overruns, project costs and overall project performance.

“Since implementing the assyst software we have noticed a remarkable improvement in our reporting."


Regain control over your IT projects with assyst

Key IT resource planning features

Resource planning is a core part of the assyst IT management solution. No integration required.


Work breakdowns 

Quickly translate project plans into specific tasks to be executed. 


Resource calendar 

At-a-glance visibility of scheduled work and availability. 


Kanban boards 

Drag-and-drop Kanban boards help you manage the flow of project and operational work. 


PMO dashboards 

Get a visual snapshot of project progress, health and costs. 


Project analytics 

Dive into the data to uncover insights and drive PMO improvements. 

Transform Your IT Service Desk Through Self-Service, Knowledge Management, and Automation & AI

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The assyst solution for IT Business Management (ITBM)

assyst is a single app for IT management, integrated by design. Find out more about other ready-to-use IT management features you get with assyst.

Financial Management


Get a complete view of IT demands and costs with all IT financial management (ITFM) data in one place.

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Service Portfolio & Design


Take control over a complex landscape of services and customers.

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Contract & Supplier Management 


Track and manager suppliers to get more from your outsourced functions.

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Policy Governance 


Apply practical rules for Governance, Risk and Compliance Management (GRCM). 

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Audit & Compliance 


Automation makes it easy to check and prove compliance in minutes, not weeks. 

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License Metering & Control

License_metering_and_control_ 289_top_m283-1

Right-size your license positions to better track business demand.

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ITSM, ITOM and IT Business Management (ITBM) in one app gives you complete visibility and control over services, support, assets, and financials.


Struggling to keep IT productive, aligned, and secure? Regain strategic and operational control with assyst

Helping you on your journey to digital transformation



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