Orchestration and Automation

Instant, effortless service delivery

assyst lets you automate more - codelessly.

Powerful cross-platform orchestration lets you create fully-automated service delivery processes spanning IT systems. assyst makes it easy to create and manage complex automations in one place—transforming IT efficiency and reducing stress on your service desk.

Drag-and-drop process automation makes process and service automation simple. Create new service offerings in minutes.

Find out how you can transform IT productivity with assyst

Zero-touch IT operations

From OS deployments to cloud provisioning to password resets—assyst gives you the tools you need to automate routine operations and elevate IT from the mundane to the strategic.

Transform IT productivity

Simple integration with your existing systems management tools enables assyst as a central system for cross-platform process automation. Through configurable connectors, assyst communicates withand controlshardware and software assets across your IT estate for complete end-to-end automation of complex IT delivery processes.

“We examined 10 different systems before concluding that assyst met our needs best.” 


Transform the end user experience

Orchestration of process actions across multiple platforms enables instant delivery of digital IT services. assyst’s award-winning service catalog automatically triggers back-end orchestration processes to fulfil digital IT service requests (like application installs and cloud provisioning) to end users in seconds.

“We increased customer satisfaction and shifted practically all email requests to self-service within a year.”  


Building orchestration workflows is easy

assyst combines drag-and-drop workflow design with simple integration to enable extensive cross-platform orchestration. Use the visual workflow designer to model your delivery processes, tying together tasks which would previously be manually performed by multiple system admins. Simple connector-based integrations give you centralized control over applications, databases, hardware, and more.

“Having a single tool gave us the benefits of standardization, efficient support and economies of scale.”  


Find out how you can transform IT productivity

Key Orchestration & Automation features

Orchestration and automation are core parts of the assyst IT management solution. All ready-to-go. No integration required.


Visual design

Model complex execution processes in minutes with our unique drag-and-drop designer.


Service catalog

Trigger orchestration processes from the service catalog for complete, end-to-end automation.



Off-the-shelf connectors make it quick and simple to connect assyst with third-party systems.



IT Service Management for 2020:
Transform the Customer Experience through Self-Service, Mobile and AI

Webinar with George Spalding and Kevin Patterson

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The assyst solution for IT Operations Management

assyst is a single IT management app, integrated by design. Find out more about ready-to-use features you get with assyst.

IT Asset Management


Manage the lifecycle of your hardware, software, virtual and cloud assets.

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Software Asset Management


Ensure efficient and compliant use of software and apps across your organization.

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Service-view CMDB


The core of assyst, our CMDB provides unique breadth and depth of information.

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Application Discovery & Dependency Mapping

Application_Discovery_and_Dependency Mapping_306

Intelligent discovery gives you a software-oriented view of infrastructure.

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Capacity & Availability


Track and plan capacity and availability to meet changing business demands.

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Event Management


Get real-time status visibility and performance insight over your global IT infrastructure.

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Security Operations Management


Integrate IT ops and SecOps to automatically detect and route/resolve security incidents.

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Endpoint Management


Manage desktops, laptops, tablets, mobiles and smart IoT devices for security, compliance, and performance.

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Manage the strategic, technical, and business aspects of IT in a single app. 


Swamped with daily operations tasks? See how assyst can help

Helping you on your journey to digital transformation



Why you should care about the IT customer experience

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A practical guide to integrating ITSM and ITAM

Promoting collaboration between asset and service management.

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  2. Integrating processes
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Achieving transformational change with integrated assyst ITAM

Find out about the 4 top use cases and how they transform ITAM.

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  2. Software re-harvesting
  3. Client automation
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