Knowledge Management

Make the most of your organization’s know-how

Put knowledge at the center of IT

The way organizations manage and leverage knowledge matters. Organizations that use their intellectual assets effectively enjoy performance that sets them above the rest. Knowledge management goes beyond simply building a static database of articles. It’s about harnessing the power of your organization’s collective wisdom. 

To complement a curated knowledge base, organizations need to foster real-time collaborations: making the most of what people know to solve emerging problems and create new innovations faster than the competition.

See how assyst supports Knowledge Centered Services (KCS®)

Quit reinventing the wheel

Create, capture, curate and scale knowledge for a more productive and innovative IT department

Building a healthy knowledge base

assyst makes the process of collecting, curating and sharing knowledge simple:

  1. People create knowledge articles and collaboration discussions—enriched with photos, videos, links and rich text formatting.
  2. Knowledge is evaluated and published according to your chosen process.
  3. Users searching the knowledge base see results which are appropriate to their role and level of technical expertise.
  4. Users rate knowledge artefacts, helping to validate relevance and improve quality. 
“assyst is helping us mature our knowledge management capabilities through the deployment of collaboration and a central knowledge hub.”

Integrated knowledge management

assyst dovetails the capture and use of knowledge into the everyday business of IT. Wherever knowledge is used, it is easily captured for reuse. Wherever knowledge is needed, suggested knowledge artefacts are automatically served-up to the user. Built on a single database, incorporating the knowledge base, the assyst application is unique in its ability to connect knowledge with context—and then make intelligent, real-time decisions on what knowledge would be most useful to the user, right now.

"In the last six months alone, we've reduced our resources by over 33%"
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Crowdsource solutions

Where no existing knowledge artefact exists, assyst helps people find subject matter experts with which to collaborate. Detailed user profilesshowing skills, knowledge, experience and responsibilitieshelp users invite the right people to collaboration sessions, which are captured as searchable knowledge artefacts. Collaboration helps get knowledge out of the experts’ heads and into a digital system where value is more easily shared.

"We were able to get assyst up and running very quickly and achieve a tangible return on our investment within the first year."
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Support Knowledge Centered Services KCS®

assyst supports Knowledge Centered Service (KCS®) best practices (previously known as Knowledge Centered Support). Rich functionality—available out of the box—makes it easy to control the full lifecycle of your knowledge artefacts and ensure high standards of quality are always maintained.

“assyst is very beneficial to us as it helped us to create a true global IT operation.”


Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS®) is a registered Trademark of the Consortium for Service Innovation™


See how assyst supports Knowledge Centered Services (KCS)

Unlock the Value of ITIL 4 with 5 Key Takeaways that can be Used Today!

Knowledge, on-demand

Knowledge management is a core part of the assyst app. Nothing to integrate.

Knowledge Taxonomy


Manage the way knowledge is categorized in a logical hierarchic structure.

Rich Text Editor


Enhance the quality of knowledge articles with rich text formatting and embedded media to create engaging “how-to” content.

Flexible Processes


Automatically apply different publishing processes to different knowledge categories and artefact types.

Capture Discussions


A source of rich knowledge, forum discussions are integrated into the searchable knowledge ecosystem.

Pervasive Capture


Knowledge capture is built-in to IT processes, to ensure people never waste time reinventing the wheel.



Get detailed information on how and where knowledge is being generated and used across your organization.

Sobeys case study

“23% increase in resolution within SLA on Critical Priority Incidents.”

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The assyst solution for Knowledge Management

assyst is a single app for IT management, integrated by design. Find out more about other key features you get with assyst.

Process Automation


Automate IT service and IT operations processes with this codeless drag-and-drop process designer.

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Service Desk Software


Empower your agents with the smart technology they need to fix and close more incidents first time.

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Grow your organization’s knowledge pool with a powerful global platform for sharing and crowd-sourcing.

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Password Reset


Divert up to 25% of calls away from your service desk with this simple employee password recovery tool.

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Service Catalog


Improve the IT customer experience with a consumer-style service catalog.

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Mobile IT Workforce


Give your IT people access to the information and controls they need to perform out in the field.

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Empower employees with digital choices while reducing operational costs within IT.

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IT Dashboards


Get instant, real-time visibility of IT performance, wherever you are. Build custom dashboards in minutes.

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IT Service Management (ITSM) + IT Operations Management (ITOM) + IT Business Management (ITBM) in one app. Ready-to-go. No coding required.


See how the assyst Service Knowledge Management System (SKMS) can help your organization boost performance

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