Get inspired with new ideas, practices, and innovations to fuel your digital IT transformation 

Webinar ESM 101

Enterprise Service Management 101

The What, Why, Where, and How of Digital Service Transformation

Find out the opportunities of ESM for your organization with Stephen Mann of ITSM.Tools.

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Webinar: AI Chatbot for ITSM delivery

Improve your ITSM delivery with AI Chatbots.

Learn how an AI Chatbot integration can transform your ITSM.

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Webinar: ITSM Maturity

How ITSM Cultural & Process Maturity Enables Your Transformation Goals

In this informative webinar Troy DuMoulin from Pink Elephant and Kevin Patterson from Axios Systems share their views and personal experience of how ITSM Process and Service Management Cultural Maturity are key enablers to achieve the goals of digital transformation.

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Is It Time to Change Your ITSM Tool?

Is your ITSM tool fit-for-purpose and helping you to achieve your IT strategic vision for the 2020s?

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Webinar: Are you in the Bermuda Triangle of SAM

Benefits of integrating ITSM and SAM

ITSM and IT Operations Management (ITOM) share the same goal: managing technology to deliver business value. Knowing where your organization is with respect to Software Asset Management (SAM) is the first step to understanding if you are caught in the Bermuda Triangle of SAM.

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webinar_IT_Mat_how_to_choose (1)

How to choose an ITSM tool that works for you

Looking for ITSM tools? Find out why understanding your IT maturity level is key to selecting fit-for-purpose ITSM technology.

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webinar_strategies_for_reducing (1)

Strategies for reducing service desk calls

We examine the nature of the demands put on your service desk and discuss strategies and tools to manage service desk traffic more effectively.

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webinar_boost_knowledge_man (1)

Boost knowledge management with social IT

Practical tips on how you can use social IT to drive your knowledge management strategy and boost IT productivity.

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