IT Financial Management (ITFM)

Run IT like a business

Making IT financial management simple

To run IT as an effective and efficient value creator, you need a complete view of infrastructure, operations, outsourcing and labor costs. Getting a 360° view can be tough, especially if your financial data is distributed across multiple legacy systems. As a single app for IT management, assyst simplifies the collection and analysis of cost and demand data—so you can eliminate waste and direct IT budget to where the business needs it most.

assyst makes it simple to measure value, demand, cost, and risk across your services, infrastructure, and operations.

Get visibility over costs and demands with assyst

Understand your service economics

To understand the value of IT, you need multiple viewpoints: from strategic management, down through services and systems, to individual asset classes and components. You need to understand changing levels of demand: what your customers and users are consuming. As an integrated IT management system, assyst gives you a complete accounting view of costs and demands, helping you understand evolving IT needs in an increasingly fluid business environment.

“Organizations should choose assyst because of its ease of deployment, management, and the lower total cost of ownership.” 


Accurate budgeting

Track historic costs and changes in demand in a single system for simplified IT budget planning. Simulate “what if” scenarios to accurately cost new investments and evaluate alternative solutions. Easy-to-use reports let you quickly roll-up current and predicted infrastructure, operations, and project costs to ensure IT is fully costed and accurately funded for the future.

“assyst allows us to review software license usage, hardware lifecycles, and plan for upgrades and refreshes.”


360° accounting

assyst combines ITSM, ITOM and IT Business Management (ITBM) in a single application, to give you unparalleled breadth and depth of financial information. Demands are tracked digitally through the IT web portal and the service desk. Capital costs are controlled and tracked through applied policies and processes. Operational costs are recorded universally; attributed to services, components, clients and other entities—as they happen—through deep integration of financials into service delivery and support processes.

“assyst is the foundation on which we have been able to quickly define, design, and deliver new support models and services."



Attributing costs to service consumers relies on a clear view of the volume of demand and the cost of supply. With assyst, projects, service requests, support cases, and other costs are connected back to the clients, departments, and users who requested them—linking IT costs to business value. assyst automatically rolls up consumption figures and costs to provide detailed chargeback and showback reports, showing service consumption and cost breakdown.

“assyst has led to significant savings.”


Get a clearer view of your IT service economics with assyst

Key IT Financial Management features

IT financial management is a core part of the assyst IT management solution. No integration required.



See and analyse costs by service, asset, product line, client, team, user, or any other angle.



Visual insights—like budget burndowns—help you stay on top of the financial risks and pressures.


Report wizard

Get instant access to the insights you need to make data-driven IT investment decisions.


Cut waste

Identify unused and underused hardware and software to save up to 30% of your capital spend.



Connect assyst into your accounting system for full synchronization.


Export data

Export data in a range of formats for analysis in third party finance systems.

Sobeys case study

“23% increase in resolution within SLA on Critical Priority Incidents.”

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The assyst solution for IT Business Management (ITBM)

assyst is a single IT management app, integrated by design. See more of the IT management features you get with assyst.

Contract & Supplier Management


Track and manager suppliers to get more from your outsourced functions.

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Service Portfolio & Design


Take control over a complex landscape of services and customers.

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Policy Governance


Apply practical rules for Governance, Risk and Compliance Management (GRCM).

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Audit & Compliance


Automation makes it easy to check and prove compliance in minutes, not weeks.

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Resource Planning


Manage your team’s capacity and workload to ensued deadlines are met.

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License Metering & Control

License_metering_and_control_ 289_top_m283-1

Right-size your license positions to better track business demand.

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Unified IT management in a single web-based application


Can’t get an accurate view of where your IT budget goes? Try assyst.

Helping you on your journey to digital transformation



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