Contract & Supplier Management

Strategic and operational vendor management

Manage complex supply chains

New multi-sourcing supply chains use a blend of suppliers to deliver better services. However, these complex service models require careful management. Organizations need good visibility over the performance of individual suppliers—and the whole supply chain.

assyst gives you the tools you need to manage the performance of complex service supply chains and get the most from individual suppliers.

Get more value from outsourcing with assyst

Strategic supplier management

assyst helps you plan out successful outsourcing decisions. Accurate service quality and cost metrics help you evaluate outsourcing options against each other and against in-house delivery. Visual service maps help you plan the integration of new suppliers into your existing service supply chains. Structured SLAs ensure accountability and that expectations are always understood.

“The new system has definitely been useful in getting better value out of third-party contractors because information is more readily available.” 

Operational supplier management

Automated monitoring and SLA tracking continuously measures supplier performance against expectations. When performance slips, incidents can be automatically created and routed to vendors through automated emails or via direct integration into the supplier’s ticketing system. Dashboards give you complete visibility over service and vendor performance, as well as the volume and status of open vendor tickets.

“Due to its flexibility and scalability, assyst was able to accompany the evolution of our business from 10 to 37 billion euros in four years.” 


Contract management

assyst lets you manage supplier contracts and payments inside your IT management system, so you can see contracts within the context of services, infrastructure, and operations. Create supplier and contract records to give you full financial visibility over your sourcing landscape and costs. Automated alerts notify you when contracts are up for renewal. Integration with your finance system enables automated processing of monthly and annual supplier subscription payments.

“assyst is at the heart of the IT organisation; effectively one system that rules them all.”


Find out how you can get more out of outsourcing with assyst

Key contract and supplier management features

Contract and supplier management is a core part of the assyst IT management solution. No integration required.


Supplier database

Manage supplier details, support contacts, contract documents and SLAs in one place.



Quick visibility of contract status, supplier performance metrics and costs.


Service modelling

Model and automate the flow of services and turnaround times to ensure business objectives are met.



Attach multi-level SLAs to vendors, services, support tickets, and tasks



Quickly set up integration bridges to automatically create tickets in supplier systems.

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The assyst solution for IT Business Management (ITBM)

Find out more about other IT management features you get with assyst.

Financial Management


Get a complete view of IT demands and costs with all IT financial management (ITFM) data in one place.

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Service Portfolio & Design


Take control over a complex landscape of services and customers.

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Policy Governance


Apply practical rules for Governance, Risk and Compliance Management (GRCM).

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Audit & Compliance


Automation makes it easy to check and prove compliance in minutes, not weeks.

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Resource Planning


Manage your team’s capacity and workload to ensued deadlines are met.

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License Metering & Control

License_metering_and_control_ 289_top_m283-1

Right-size your license positions to better track business demand.

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IT Service Management (ITSM), IT Operations Management (ITOM), and IT Business Management (ITBM) in one comprehensive IT management solution


Master the complexity of your outsourcing landscape with assyst.

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What SIAM is and the benefits of adopting for your organization

Find out how you can better manage complex IT service supply chains.

  1. What is SIAM?
  2. The importance of seeing the “whole”
  3. End-to-end service management

6 minutes



Defining the 4 models of SIAM and ‘true service integration’

How to apply management control over a multi-sourcing landscape.

  1. Retained client
  2. Single MSP supplier
  3. Service guardian
  4. Service integrator

7 minutes



Key challenges you will face and the Service Design Principles

What you need to consider before commencing a SIAM program.

  1. Review current state
  2. Identify skills and resources needed
  3. Evaluate existing contracts
  4. Organizational self-awareness

7 minutes