Audit & Compliance

Manage compliance in a complex landscape. Make continuous compliance a reality in your organization.

Take the stress out of achieving and proving compliance

Every organization has a different set of regulatory, corporate, security and license obligations, so there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to compliance. What you need is flexibility. assyst gives you the tools you need to manage a complex, shifting landscape of government, corporate, and cybersecurity policies and regulations—and the reporting capabilities you need to prove compliance.


Continuous Compliance

Rich Data + Powerful Automation = Real-Time Visibility + Effective Control

Struggling with compliance? Check out assyst

Regulatory and policy compliance

Defined processes are the key to consistent compliance. assyst makes it easy to create and manage processes which embed the necessary steps that satisfy regional, industrial, and corporate regulations. Simple policy rules and processes make it easy to grow and adapt your policy framework as compliance pressures change.

“assyst consolidates our assets into a single source of truth while providing the tools to manage their full lifecycle.” 

Software license compliance

An audit can come at any time, so you need to ensure ongoing licence compliance. Software License Optimization (matching licenses to demand) relies on central visibility and control over where software is deployed. With assyst you get an accurate and up-to-date view of your effective license position at the click of a button. 360° visibility, combined with remote software control and automated compliance enforcement ensure you are audit-ready at any time.

“assyst increases the accuracy and control of data.” 


Security compliance 

Automated discovery and monitoring tools collect and analyse infrastructure data to identify known vulnerabilities in hardware and software—like open ports, blacklisted software, unpatched applications, and out-of-date OS's. Non-compliant devices and applications are automatically detected and hardened, leaving security people to focus on tackling zero-day vulnerabilities and other emerging security risks.

“With clean data and better processes in place, the improvements are obvious to everybody.”


Compliance headaches? Eliminate the stress with assyst

Key compliance and audit features

Compliance and auditability are core parts of the assyst IT management solution. No integration required.


Central control 

Centralized control and automation reduce the cost of compliance and audit. 



Get real-time visibility over compliance status on your desktop, tablet, or smartphone. 



Detailed reports give you the granular evidence you need to prove compliance. 

Transform Your IT Service Desk Through Self-Service, Knowledge Management, and Automation & AI

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The assyst solution for IT Business Management (ITBM)

assyst is a single IT management app, integrated by design. Read on to find out about other features.

Financial Management


Get a complete view of IT demands and costs with all IT financial management (ITFM) data in one place.

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Service Portfolio & Design


Take control over a complex landscape of services and customers.

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Contract & Supplier Management 


Track and manager suppliers to get more from your outsourced functions.

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Policy Governance 


Apply practical rules for Governance, Risk and Compliance Management (GRCM). 

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Resource Planning


Manage your team’s capacity and workload to ensued deadlines are met.

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License Metering & Control

License_metering_and_control_ 289_top_m283-1

Right-size your license positions to better track business demand.

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With assyst, you get ITSM, ITOM, and ITBM in one app.


Struggling to keep IT productive, business-aligned, and secure? Try assyst.

Helping you on your journey to digital transformation



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