Enterprise Service Management (ESM) revolutionizes Somerset County Council in just 12 months with assyst

assyst has provided us a user-friendly experience for ourselves and the end user in tracking shopping cart enquiries within transactional procurement. As manager of the team it enables me to easily see the work at hand and what should be prioritised, as well as keep all communications for each enquiry in one place.”
Jon Warr - Service Manager, Commercial & Procurement

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About Somerset County Council

Somerset County Council (SCC) is the elected local government authority and is responsible for the local services of Somerset. Its 55 councillors serve approximately 550,000 residents, 270 schools and colleges and 25,000 potential service desk customers.



SCC wanted greater efficiencies through increased automation in an effort to reduce overhead costs and save money. The council’s vision was also to expand the usage of the ITSM Tool and roll it out over the wider business via the Self-Service portal.


assyst’s Enterprise Service Management solution implemented via SaaS and expanded across other non-IT departments courtesy of the Self-Service portal. Seamless transition to the portal and increased automation has resulted in more end-users utilising self-service for everyday work.


The council has achieved a 65% increase in the number of tickets logged via automation in just 12 months and currently run 99% of all calls to FM are via the Self Service portal.


Following Somerset County Councils decision to insource the ICT Service following a nine year partnership with IBM, Avon and Somerset Police, and Taunton Deane Borough Council, the challenge was to extract the SCC instance from the consolidated service desk without impacting the levels of service to remaining members of the Partnership. In addition, SCC wanted to deliver greater efficiencies and visibility, and to extend the services offered to users, including a self-service portal across all areas of the business and external staff. SCC also wanted to extend the use of assyst to transform more corporate services in both Facilities and HR departments, to remove paper based processes wherever possible.

External suppliers / customers needed to access the Self Service portal, this was achieved by integrating assyst with Azure AD Business to Business (B2B).

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This meant that both a new Service Desk and ITSM solution was required to meet the operational aims. SCC saw the potential of assyst from Axios Systems and elected to implement across the council.

ESM Expanded Across the Business

SCC implemented Axios Systems’ ESM solution assyst via SaaS as this provided an easy transition for existing IT staff, whilst allowing the project to implement the levels of automation, Self-Service and expansion to other departments as required by the Authority.

From day one, Self-Service was made available for a selection of ICT Services, predominately for the logging of starters, leavers and role changes. Since its inception, the number of self-service offerings has expanded across ICT and the council with Procurement, Facilities Management and Education Finance all identifying self-service as a means of receiving and recording work.

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The Future

  • New services and applications can now be introduced with no impact to the Service Desk, with all calls routed through Self-Service portal, which allows extended roll-out of Self-Service across all areas of the business. This can also be implemented without additional costs or having to increase the number of agents to take calls.
  • Following a recent upgrade to the system, we can offer Self- Service to non-Council staff via Azure AD Business to Business (B2B), this functionality allows us to securely share the assystNET self-service IT portal to staff in Schools and the NHS whilst maintaining control of our corporate data.
  • HR Admin are planning to use Self Service to replace all their existing paper systems. For their external customers including Schools, an example would be using the portal to submit their payroll request forms. Internally, plans are in place to use Self Service for SCC staff to submit requests for purchasing additional annual leave. This will be an automated process requiring two stages of manager approval.
  • Property are planning to use assyst to manage their business workflow for the planning and management of the vacation of SCC properties.
“All staff can now put any requests or faults through assyst, enabling us to keep a record of what’s been requested, and making it easier to keep track of requests and cross referencing them with how they have been dealt with. We’re more accountable as we have increased visibility identifying how and who has responded. The team now have less interruptions in the office as almost all of these requests used to be via telephone calls are an are now logged via the self-service.”

Facilities Management Team

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