Service Integration & Management (SIAM)

Make complex IT supply chains simple 

Joined-up service design and integration

Take control over the service supply chain to minimize risk and maximize quality.

Apply a systems-thinking approach to multi-sourcing 

SIAM requires careful management from multiple perspectives. assyst gives you complete visibility over service supply chains, suppliers, and service components. 

Manage the whole 

Monitor performance of end-to-end service supply chains and the individual service components. Measure performance in terms of customer experience as well as traditional SLAs and technical performance indicators. 


Fostering collaboration 


Complex supply chains produce benefits that are greater than the sum of their parts. Multiple vendors need to work together to optimize their contributions in ways that benefit the whole. Suppliers need visibility of—and communication with—upstream and downstream contributors.  

Centralized service data 


assyst acts as a single source of truth for service management, storing service models and all related operational and support information. A central system which enables secure sharing of relevant service data is a critical success factor for efficient management of complex multisource service supply chains. 

"assyst has enabled us to quickly define, design and deliver new services."
"assyst has definitely been useful in getting better value out of third-party contractors because information is more readily available."

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SIAM Podcast Series

What is SIAM and what can it do for you?

Find out how you can better manage complex IT service supply chains.

  • What is SIAM? 
  • The importance of seeing the “whole” 
  • End-to-end service management 

6 minute listen


SIAM Podcast Series

Defining the 4 models of SIAM and ‘true service integration’

How to apply management control over a multi-sourcing landscape. 

  • Retained client 
  • Single MSP supplier 
  • Service guardian 
  • Service integrator 

7 minute listen


SIAM Podcast Series

SIAM: Key challenges and service design principles

What you need to consider before commencing a SIAM program. 

  • Review current state 
  • Identify skills and resources needed 
  • Evaluate existing contracts 
  • Organizational self-awareness 

7 minute listen

See how you can build more efficient and effective service supply chains with assyst