ITSM in the Digital Workplace

Support your employees with a joined-up strategy for corporate services and support

Services are a critical part of the digital workplace ecosystem

Digital workplace comprises three technology pillars: Functional apps help people manage information and be productive. Enterprise communication platforms enable open collaboration, problem solving, and knowledge sharing. Enterprise service management tools provide a platform for delivering and supporting corporate services, 24x7, by web and mobile.

Make our assyst service management platform part of your digital workplace strategy to improve your employee experience (EX) and transform productivity.

Unified enterprise service management platform
The way your people access corporate services and support is a key part of the digital workplace experience

See how assyst can help you create a more satisfying workplace experience

Digital service management technologies transform the workplace experience (WX)

New digital ITSM technologies enable new and better ways of working

Enterprise Service Cloud

Your people should never need to waste time looking for help. Transform your employee workplace experience with the ultimate in simplicity: a one-stop-shop portal for all corporate services and support. Covering IT, HR, Facilities, and more—presenting an enterprise service cloud means your people never need to spend time looking for help again.

"We exchanged a number of service portals for a single portal that brings IT, HR and Facilities services onto a common platform with one log-in."


One stop shop for services & support

Enterprise Service Management

Transform the way your internal service providers work, using modern service management technology to run more effective and efficient services. No-code creation of service descriptions and workflows means non-technical service domains can manage their own service portfolios.


"After some quick training sessions, our Facilities team are now fully self-sufficient in looking after their work orders and maintenance processes."


Enterprise Service Management

Self-Service Support

Employees today want options to help them self-solve their own technical issues. assyst empowers employees with a range of solutions to suit their preferences and context. Want to avoid the call queue? Self-log an issue with the service desk. Want to find your own fix? Search the knowledge base for a solution. Can’t find one there? Collaborate with others across the globe to find the answer.


"The self Service portal is easy to navigate and was implemented without the need to train staff."


Self logging & resolution


People succeed when they work together. Real-time digital collaboration—cutting across geographic and departmental boundaries—is the key to a more connected organization. assyst’s digital collaboration platform empowers your people to pull information and crowdsource solutions so that they can do their best work every day.



"assyst applies mobile, social, and collaboration tools like gamification to IT service management."



Virtual Agent Chatbot

At work, just like in their consumer lives, your employees don’t want to wait in a call queue to get help. They want instant-access to information, assistance, and outcomes—and an intelligent chatbot is the best way to service this need. With our assyst integration framework you can integrate a chatbot engine into the web portal to look after employees, while you free up 30%+ of your human support capacity.


"Launching a service chatbot has taken a lot of pressure off our service desk team."


Virtual Agent Chatbot

Mobile User Experience (UX)

The digital workplace means your people are no longer restricted to the corporate office. Work now happens everywhere. With assyst, your employees get anytime, anywhere, any device access to services, support and information—helping them be productive wherever they are. Built on HTML5, assyst provides a powerful, device-agnostic digital service management platform.


"Building out self service has allowed our organization to realize significant time savings for our service desk staff."


Mobile user experience

Make services simple for your customers. Find out how.

Unlock the Value of ITIL 4 with 5 Key Takeaways that can be Used Today!

assyst Digital Workplace Benefits

An effective digital workplace strategy is critical to business productivity

Boost productivity

Boost productivity

Digital service management tools reduce waste and accelerate outcomes for employees.

Improve satisfaction

Improve satisfaction

Employees are happier when they feel supported and get what they need to get the jobs done.

Increase retention

Increase retention

Happy employees stay longer and put in more discretionary effort, boosting your employer brand and reducing recruitment costs.

the assyst solution for IT Service Management

assyst is a single app, integrated by design. Find out more about some of the other ready-to-use IT management features you get with assyst. 

assyst helps you design and deploy support channels to enable optimum service delivery for your organization


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Webinar: Improve your ITSM delivery with AI chatbots 

What are chatbots and how can they benefit your service desk? 

  • Harness AI automation to serve customers 
  • The importance of self-service and knowledge 
  • Improve the IT customer experience 

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What are you doing to enhance the IT service experience? 

What great IT service looks like…and how to get there 

  • Strategy for improving the service experience 
  • Customer journey maps as a tool for improvement 
  • Tips for success and pitfalls to avoid 

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Choosing an ITSM solution that’s right for you 

Considering IT maturity is critical to making the right ITSM technology choices 

  • Maturity models and assessments 
  • Technology considerations 
  • Putting the two together to choose the tech that works for you  

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