Collaboration and Gamification

Create an energized digital community

Cultivate a connected organization

People succeed when they work together, but fostering collaboration can be challenging. assyst’s leading collaboration and gamification features help you facilitate better engagement and a more healthy flow of information. Connect silos and get people across the globe working together to solve problems faster.


See how collaboration and gamification can energize and enhance your organization

Digital tools enable global collaboration

assyst combines open collaboration, gamification, and mobility for best results


Real-time digital collaboration—cutting across geographic and departmental boundariesempowers your people to pull information, crowdsource solutions, and gather insights faster than ever before. Collaboration in assyst is custom-built to support the needs of IT and IT users and is part of the core assyst application—not a bolt-on module.

“assyst is helping us mature our knowledge management capabilities through the deployment of collaboration and a central knowledge hub.”


assyst integrates collaboration and gamification to drive adoption and encourage positive behaviors. Points, badges and leader boards reward contributors, helping build and sustain engagement. Social feedback elements indicate the usefulness of contributions, helping to maintain the quality of information going into the knowledge base.

"IT support costs have reduced by 34%"

Web and mobile

assyst removes the barriers that stand in the way of healthy communication. Collaboration tools are accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any device—so your IT people and employees can share information and crowdsource solutions across the globe, 24/7.

"assyst has empowered our business users, giving them a greater experience overall.."

Energize and enhance your business with collaboration and gamification. Ready to use on day one.

ROI of Omnichannel ITSM

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How to Quantify the ROI of Omnichannel ITSM
An Omnichannel Support Strategy Can Save You Millions of Dollars Every Year
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Key collaboration and gamification features

Collaboration and gamification are core parts of the assyst solution. Nothing to integrate. 



Create a vibrant IT communitycollaborating across boundaries to accelerate work and drive innovation.

IT and End Users


Facilitate open collaboration between employees and IT, between IT teams, and between business departments.

Knowledge Capture


Collaboration sessions are automatically captured as searchable knowledge artefacts.

User Profiles


Searchable user profiles make finding the right collaborators simple.

ESM/Beyond IT


Expand collaboration and gamification across other internal service domains like HR and Facilities.



Collaboration and gamification are part of the assyst app. Ready-to-go technology. Ready to go on day one. No integration required.

Sobeys case study

“23% increase in resolution within SLA on Critical Priority Incidents.”

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Modern IT management technology in one app

Find out more about other ready-to-use IT management features you get with assyst.

Process Automation


Automate IT service and IT operations processes with this codeless drag-and-drop process designer.

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Service Desk Software


Empower your agents with the smart technology they need to fix and close more incidents first time.

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Boost your organization’s knowledge pool with a powerful global platform for sharing and crowd-sourcing.

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Password Reset


Divert up to 25% of calls away from your service desk with this simple employee password recovery tool.

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Service Catalog


Improve the IT customer experience with a consumer-style service catalog.

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Knowledge Management


Quit reinventing the wheel and make real progress. assyst integrates knowledge capture and sharing into every aspect of IT.

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Mobile IT Workforce


Give your IT people access to the information and tools they need to perform while out in the field.

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IT Dashboards


Get instant, real-time visibility of IT performancewherever you are. Build custom dashboards in minutes.

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ITSM + ITOM + ITBM in one app. Ready-to-go. No coding required.


See how you can facilitate better collaboration with assyst

Helping you on your journey to digital transformation



Making IT collaboration work

Break down barriers and promote open collaboration

  • Cross-IT collaboration
  • Business-IT collaboration
  • 7-steps to success

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Gamification in service management

What gamification can do for service management

  • Game mechanics
  • Game dynamics
  • How they apply to IT services and operations

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Social knowledge management

From system of record to system of engagement

  • Traditional vs social knowledge
  • How to capture and curate knowledge
  • Social knowledge management in action

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