Axios Impressive ITSM SaaS Growth Addressing the Challenges of 2020

The pressures of 2020 are driving customers to favour ready-to-use ITSM tech over build-it-yourself platforms. 



Axios has seen a significant spike in SaaS ITSM software sales in key markets such as the Americas and Europe. 

During the early months of 2020, organizations across the globe faced the challenge of transitioning most of their staff to home working. Organizations quickly discovered that the key to supporting home workers at scale was the provision of digital service experiences—which moved digital transformation of IT service management (ITSM) to the top of the IT agenda 

Many organizations discovered that their ITSM platform wasn’t up to the job—particularly those with on-premises installs, configured to support staff within the corporate firewall. 

Organizations with legacy ITSM platforms found that to properly support home workers, they needed scalable digital support channels which their incumbent solution simply could not provide in the timescales they required. 12-24 month roadmaps to build omnichannel ITSM capabilities wouldn’t work—the resulting lost productivity would harm business performance. 

Axios Systems’ CEO North America commented, We relish the opportunity to compete with ServiceNow and other competitors who add more and more complexity to every module or feature they add. He went on to say“Our mantra is quite different, we laser focus to deliver high quality innovative software that helps the customer improve service delivery—yet is modern, easy and enjoyable to use, straight forward to maintain, and upgrades will never break your configurations, customizations or integrations.” 

ITSM platforms from BMC, HPE, Broadcom (formerly CA), and ServiceNow can be customized to provide better home worker support, but the path to omnichannel ITSM is too long—especially if customers are locked-in multiple versions behind. Once many framework tools are customized, these customizations become an application burden—complicating maintenance, support, administration and upgrades. 

The need for speed means customers are rejecting build-it-yourself, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions. They’re attracted by the speed and convenience of out-of-the-box ITSM tech which is ready-to-use from day one—allowing them to sidestep complexity and focus on delivering the new digital services their organizations need and want. 

As a result, organizations have been rushing back to the market to evaluate ITSM tools that have modern omnichannel support baked-in to the productlike the Axios assyst platform. 

Axios’ Executive commented, “We’re helping customers adapt faster to seriously challenging conditions. The challenges of 2020 are driving a fundamental shift in the way organizations are looking at ITSM technology. The reality has really hit home this year: accelerate or fall behind. Everybody wants a new omnichannel service experience to help them support home workers and keep the business runningBut nobody wants to put a year of hard effort into building it. They want a simple setup, and they want to go live with a modern, consumer-like service experience in weeks not years. That’s what we offer, and that’s why we’re seeing accelerated growth in key markets like the United States and Europe.” 

About assyst 

Axios’ assyst solution is disrupting the market through being the flexible, affordable and enterprise proven alternative to expensive platform development vendors. It is designed to help you run and grow your service portfolio with easeno stress, just pre-built, simple, powerful cloud technology. 

assyst by Axios Systems enables you to streamline your operations and level-up business performance. The powerful yet flexible automation handles the daily workload allowing delivery teams to focus on the innovations that will make a real difference to your organization. 

assyst powers digital transformation through in-tool dynamic content, workflows and analytics to empower your people to deliver work the right way at each and every touch point. Axios have pioneered AI and Machine Learning features that to deliver insights, predications and automations to the right users and the right time.  

Omnichannel delivery in assyst Customer Engagement Edition (ACE) is built on a “Design Once, Deploy Everywhere” architecture to reduce ITSM tool running costs while meeting the demands of the next generation of customers. 

assyst is accredited for all 16 PinkVERIFY ITIL v3 processes and supports all ITIL 4 practices out-of-the box and in a single unified solution. 

About Axios Systems  

For over 30 years, Axios Systems has been committed to helping customers achieve business success through the effective and efficient management of their IT services and systems. We help organizations enhance capabilities, improve maturity, and transform back-office support groups into a business-leading service delivery teams. 

Axios Systems has a proven track record of success, with 1000’s of implementations in over 80 countries across all industries including many Fortune 500 businesses and large government agencies. 

For more information visit www.axiossystems.com/contact-us 

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