Impact Explorer

Impact Explorer

See a detailed graphical map of your IT ecosystem, complete with relationships and dependencies

What it does:

The Impact Explorer gives you a graphical picture of your IT/service assets and the connections between them, including dependencies and parent-child relationships. This supports infrastructure planning, root cause analysis, risk analysis, change impact assessment, and more.

Key features:

  • Quick root cause analysis with this visual map of service assets, dependencies, color-coded statuses, and interactive drill-down
  • View an IT service and see the supporting service components, and the people who use the service
  • View an asset and see the systems and services it supports
  • View individual users to see the devices and services they use

How it works:

  • Open the Impact Explorer from any record to see a visualization centered on that asset/service/user
  • Re-center automatically by selecting another entity. View service-oriented, user-oriented, or asset-oriented perspectives.
  • Users can click to drill-down into individual CI records to view rich configuration, status and history information.
  • Take direct action on any CI record to resolve issues.

Benefits to you:

  • Quick impact change assessment: Get complete visibility over the potential impact of a change. By selecting any IT component, the Impact Explorer will show all interconnected components and the types of relationship in between them—enabling a quick but thorough assessment of which components, systems and services could be impacted. Relationship types are indicated by the color code of the link.
  • Rapid root cause analysis: Find and fix infrastructure issues easily with complete real-time visibility over infrastructure and status, and the ability to take remote actions to resolve issues. No manual, on-site troubleshooting required.
  • Instant view of affected users in any incident, problem, or change scenario.

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