Change Calendar

Change Calendar

Get a clear view of planned changes, change freezes, regular maintenance windows, and potential conflicts

What it does:

The Change Calendar is a visual, interactive tool for managing your change planning (forward schedule of change)

Key features:

  • Gantt chart style visualization of change tasks across a timeline
  • Drag-and-drop interaction
  • Filter change tasks on any attribute to see which change tasks apply to
  • Share Change Calendar views with other users

How it works:

  • Change task records are automatically represented in the Change Calendar, including sub-tasks
  • Task dependencies are automatically mapped and enforced
  • Move change tasks, change freezes and maintenance windows with ease when you need to adapt to changing business priorities

Benefits to you:

  • Clear view of proposed changes and the tasks required to execute
  • Enforced dependencies ensure the change plan is followed every time
  • Define change freezes to ensure business operations cannot be impacted during business-critical periods

Out-of-the-box functionality

assyst has more deep, out-of-the-box features than any other IT management platform on the market.

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