Asset Depreciation Tracking

Asset Depreciation Tracking

Asset Depreciation Tracking

What it does:

Complete financial tracking of asset costs (CAPEX and OPEX) and depreciation

Key features:

  • Full lifecycle management of IT assets from cradle to grave
  • Detailed financial information recorded for each asset, including maintenance and support costs for clear TCO data
  • Calculate and report asset depreciation by individual asset, make/model, broader asset categories, and across your entire IT estate

How it works:

assyst provides full lifecycle management of IT assets from cradle to grave, supporting asset and inventory activities and initiatives. assyst supports the recording of detailed financial information for each asset. This includes the cost center, initial cost, purchase order, financial year purchased and acquired, asset life, and residual and insured values, as well as the disposal value. The acquisition methods can include capital, retail, rent or lease with the ability to track rental and lease contracts. These values allow for the reporting against individual asset depreciation values, which can be aggregated up to their product type, organizational unit, location, as well as supplier or maintenance contract.

Benefits to you:

  • Get a clear view with assyst's hierarchical product structure: showing generic classes such as Hardware, Software, Buildings, Vehicles all the way down to the individual item level tailored to the requirements of the organization
  • Full cost visibility across the entire lifecycle including purchasing, deployment, use, relocation, and decommissioning.
  • Simple asset cost and depreciation reporting to support faster accounting processes
  • Record and report on depreciation across IT assets (such as software and hardware) and non-IT assets (such as telecoms, facilities, manufacturing equipment, vehicles and more)

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