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Next-generation, AI-driven service management


Transform IT with intelligent ITSM (AITSM)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) enable service delivery organizations to make smarter decisions and provide better services. assyst uses intelligent automation to connect datapoints, mine insights, make decisions, and trigger smart automations—enabling a next-generation approach to running your services, infrastructure, and operations.

assyst embeds AI and machine learning into IT processes to support IT people with insight and automation

See how assyst can help level-up your IT productivity with AI-driven insight and automation

Pragmatic AI and Machine Learning

assyst applies AI and automation to solve the challenges of service delivery and support in complex modern IT environments

InfoZone: Intelligent agent assistant

The InfoZone is an intelligent record-mining agent, performing real-time analysis of IT records to uncover solutions and give assyst users the information they need, as they need it. The InfoZone is context-aware—it responds to information that users are inputting to pro-actively push relevant information, on the fly. It automatically joins the dots between current context, infrastructure data, and historic cases to identify a root cause, resolution, workaround, or other relevant actions.


  • Eliminates the need for searching
  • Reduces service desk agent effort
  • Cuts support call times
  • Gets the service and the IT customer back online, faster

Knowledge Candidate Automation Bot

assyst’s Knowledge Candidate Automation (KCA) mines unstructured data in the CMDB to identify suggested solutions for common issues. The KCA bot finds and flags these suggestions for human review before automatically packaging and publishing these as knowledge articles—to be consumed by the relevant IT or end user communities.


  • Automatically uncover hidden knowledge
  • Quickly and efficiently scale-up your knowledge base
  • Improve service quality
  • Boost self-service and the resulting improvements in end user productivity
Uncover hidden knowledge with the assyst Knowledge Candidate Automation bot

Intelligent ITOM automation

assyst intelligence for ITOM monitors endpoint status and configurations to automate the detection and self-healing of error conditions, non-compliant states, and security vulnerabilities. Smart diagnosis and self-healing options can also be exposed to end users via the assystNET self-service portal.


  • Zero-touch diagnosis and healing
  • Achieve high-availability services
  • Reduce calls to the service desk
  • Improve business productivity and profitability

Ticket Logging with Augmented Machine Learning via LUIS

assyst’s Ticket Management Automation (TMA) mines unstructured and structured historic data via assyst in Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services to identify insights and trends that aid with ticket assignments as well as assessing impact of change and release management processes. This can dynamically update the Risk Matrix and associated dashboards. The TMA engine finds and flags insights for human review before automatically being consumed by the agent widgets such as the Info Zone, Risk Calculator and Business Rules Builder.


  • Accurate Risk Assessments
  • Improve static business rules through machine learning
  • On the fly insights for Incident, Problem and Change Management Decisions
  • Best of breed Microsoft AI integration provides unlimited value
Integrated Knowledge Management

See how assyst AITSM can help level-up your IT productivity with AI and machine learning

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Key AI-driven AITSM features

AI is a core part of the assyst app. Nothing to integrate..


Pervasive AI

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Smart InfoZone embedded across all ITIL disciplines to support many IT roles.

Chatbot Integration

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Reduce support costs and transform the IT customer experience with AI-driven support chatbots.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)


assyst analyses user input on-the-fly to make sense of text entries.

Transform Your IT Service Desk Through Self-Service, Knowledge Management, and Automation & AI

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Transform Your IT Service Desk
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ITSM, ITOM and IT Business Management (ITBM) in one app gives you complete visibility and control over services, support, assets, and financials.


See how assyst streamlines IT services and operations

Helping you on your journey to digital transformation

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  • End users offered safe choices through a service catalog
  • Complete centralized control over applied policies

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