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Ready-to-build or ready-to-go? 

ServiceNow is presented as a platform for better work experiences. It can do anything. It sounds great until you see how much effort it takes to make it work for you. ServiceNow is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution, so if you want to get past the basic functionality, you’ll need to build it yourself. Or integrate a third-party app at additional cost. Wouldn’t it be simpler just to have the technology that you need, right out of the box? 

More ready-to-go functionality

ServiceNow is expanding their platform, shifting their focus away from IT management onto other business areas. Meanwhile, they’re relying on customers and third-party developers to fill the gaps while they spread out into new markets. It’s a strategy that might keep shareholders happy but customers are getting bogged down with high overheads, high costs and over-customized solutions. That’s why we’re finding ServiceNow customers are coming to us for an IT management solution that combines built-in power with codeless simplicity.

Our philosophy is simple: Give customers the functionality they need to make IT management better—and make it easy. IT people are busy enough without losing time working on their own IT tools. That’s why our emphasis is on quick, drag-and-drop flexibility—instead of complex scripting and integrated bolt-ons. It’s easier to setup and easier to manage. You enjoy lower admin overheads and lower TCO, so you spend less time managing your IT management tools, and more time improving services and delivering new innovations.



Faster implementation 
automation_SOLUTIONSPowerful functionality without overheads
financial_management_SOLUTIONSLower TCO
process_designer_SOLUTIONS-1Automation made accessible to everyone

Simple automation 

Service_desk_c3_intelligent_monitoring_process_automationCodeless process and service design—powered by a simple, drag-and-drop interface—means you can get creative without complexity. Automating a task takes minutes, and anybody can do it, so you can empower your service desk agents, IT professionals and business people to automate routine tasks and break the firefighting cycle forever.  

More integratable

Alternative_to_Service_Now_more_integratableServiceNow lacks built-in integration capabilities, making it complex and lengthy to connect it into your other IT infrastructure & operations tools. At Axios, we understand the importance of sharing data between systems. That’s why assyst has an open architecture and a wide set of configurable, off-the-shelf connectors which make integration a snap. 




“A digital workplace is a must have capacity for enabling broader digital transformation of the business,

affecting how organizations engage and interact externally with partners, customers and environmental systems (IOT).”

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One app

We focus 100% of resources on building and improving our assyst IT management solution.

30 years’ experience

Founded in 1988, our experience stretches beyond any other vendor in the market.


Free from the pressure to constantly pump up share prices, we pursue a long-term vision instead of chasing short-term profits.

1000+ customers

Happy customers in over 80 countries, across all industries, and ranging from mid-level enterprises to the Fortune 500.


100% success

Our proven methodology helps us maintain our 100% success rate across 30 years of implementations.



Ranked as a vendor to consider in analyst reports for over 20 years.



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