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Financial Services

  • Financial services are data and technology driven


    The financial services sector is highly complex and technology has become increasingly critical to success. The digitalization of the industry has brought great opportunities but also great challenges.


    IT faces three big challenges right now: business change, compliance to standards, and security. Technology is increasingly becoming a critical differentiator in the industry, so IT is expected to enable technology-driven business change. Meanwhile, IT systems must remain compliant to a complex mix of international and regional standards – and repel a never ending stream of malicious attacks.


    The assyst ITSM solution helps you manage your complex IT infrastructure and deliver measurable business value whilst keeping it both compliant and secure.



Manage IT complexity with assyst Balance agility with stability

Model your Infrastructure

Get a service-oriented view of your IT estate


With assyst you can get a handle on which IT assets support which business services – ensuring you can tackle projects and changes with a complete and accurate view of infrastructure.

  • Auto-discovery of IT assets gives you a full picture of your infrastructure without the pain of a manual audit.
  • Service-oriented view of infrastructure shows you the part each IT component plays.
  • Identify and eliminate security threats.


Improve IT Agility

IT needs to keep pace with business demand


In a competitive, digital-driven market, IT agility is a key capability. With effective governance, automated processes and supporting tools you can reduce costs and operational risks and divert resources to more business change projects.

  • Streamlined process release IT resources for improvement projects.
  • Service-oriented view of the infrastructure gives you a full view of change risk.
  • Governance mechanisms ensure that IT activity mirrors the needs of the business.
Compliance and Security

Manage the burden of compliance


The assyst solution will help you enforce compliance to the strict regulations that apply to financial services organizations.

  • Demonstrate compliance to industry regulations around processes and data security.
  • ITSM data within assyst protected by a robust security architecture.
  • Selection of customers in your Industry

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