Nedschroef Selects Axios Systems to Centralize Service Management and Drive IT Happiness

Nedschroef Selects Axios Systems to Centralize Service Management and Drive IT Happiness


Koninklijke Nedschroef Holding BV, the leading supplier of automotive fasteners with over 120 years of engagement in the automotive industry has selected assyst, the leading IT Service Management solution from Axios Systems to consolidate their service management.


Headquartered in Helmond, The Netherlands, Nedschroef purchased assyst as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform including password reset and mobile functionality as part of a two-phase implementation process to be completed in August.


Previously, Nedschroef had used independent service management processes (ticketing systems) across each of its offices. However, they found that in order to achieve its aims of centralizing efforts and facilitating the concepts of self-service and continual service improvement, a new solution was required.


Hans Smits, Group IT Project Leader of Nedschroef believes that assyst enables the Nedschroef Group to realize its strategic goals.


He said: “The implementation of assyst enables us to consolidate service management into a centralized tool that will be accessible to all appropriate staff and that improves the provisioning of services to our customer base.”


“With Axios, we expect to improve service management across the organization, this will help to drive a key objective of the IT department “IT Happiness”; assyst allows us to measure performance with their reporting functionality and allows us to send surveys on a regular basis.


Smits also expects service management playing a larger role within non-IT departments in the future while also increasing IT’s presence across the Nedschroef Group.


Tasos Symeonides, CEO of Axios Systems said: “We are delighted that Nedschroef has chosen our leading ITSM solution assyst to further the centralization of their IT operations. As a leader in the ITSM industry, I am confident that we can deliver a more efficient and consolidated service desk for our newest client Nedschroef.”


About Koninklijke Nedschroef Holding BV


Koninklijke Nedschroef Holding B.V., headquartered in Helmond, the Netherlands, is the leading automotive fasteners supplier in Europe. For more than a hundred years the company has been engaged in the development, manufacture and supply of fasteners and special parts for the automotive industry. In addition the company develops and produces superior metal forming machines and tools for the metal forming industry. Currently the group has 26 locations in 14 countries and employs about 2,000 people.


The group has bundled its areas of expertise into the following six centres of competence that each specialize and excel in their field concerning product and production quality and innovation.


Using this broad expertise Nedschroef puts commitment into practice and delivers world class services and innovative, cost effective product solutions.


Building on this strong platform Nedschroef is actively expanding its footprint and services to a global scale, thus responding to our customers’ needs with regard to localization in the emerging markets.

Leading in Europe


  • Approx. 2,000 employees
  • 8 Centers of competence
  • Screws ≤ 8mm
  • Bolts M8 - M12 & Studs
  • Bolts ≥ M12
  • Nuts, Stampings & Sub-Assemblies
  • Niche  Products
  • Machinery & Tools
  • Full Service Provision
  • Engineering & Logistic Service