ITIL adoption surges despite confusion, says Axios survey

ITIL adoption surges despite confusion, says Axios survey

Axios Systems, the leading international IT service management (ITSM) company, today reveals the results of a global survey showing that nearly two thirds of IT professionals (64percent) believe following the Best Practice IT framework, ITIL®, is key to improving IT reputation, and more organisations are looking to adopt the framework following the launch of the latest version of ITIL® V3. The results also revealed that despite the apparent uptake of ITIL® many businesses still remain confused about the benefits of V3 and are unsure as to which version to use. 


The study revealed that an overwhelming majority of organisations (87percent) now follow the ITIL® guidelines with one in three organisations intending to adopt ITIL® within a year, and another third (36percent) considering it. Axios believes that this increase in adoption is due to the launch of ITIL® V3 and recognition of the value it brings to the business. 


Over two thirds of respondents (70percent) see ITIL® as a catalyst for meeting and improving service level agreements (SLAs). Other benefits included a reduction in maintenance time and costs, improved first line response, followed by and better internal communication. The results reveal that ITIL® is helping many organisations to meet their compliance requirements including ISO/IEC 20 000, COBIT, and the Sarbanes Oxley Act. 


However, the research also showed that there is still a lack of understanding in the market about the benefits of ITIL® V3 with one third of respondents not planning to adopt the new version citing not enough knowledge to consider implementation. Of those organisations without plans to adopt ITIL®, almost one in three (30percent) see cost and time as the largest barriers to deployment, followed by using its own framework (23percent) and ITIL® not being seen as a priority (20percent). 


There has been a great deal of confusion in the market about the role of ITIL® V3 as it addresses issues relating to service design and strategy. 


Tasos Symeonides, CEO, Axios Systems, commented on the results, “The uptake of ITIL® over the past 18 months has been staggering. We are encouraged to see that ITIL® is having real business value for a number of organisations moving from a process-focused model to service management to a lifecycle approach and this is reflected in the survey results. While the benefits of ITIL® are clear many businesses are still sitting on the fence when it comes to deciding which version to use. With further education in the marketplace taking place we are all looking forward to greater take-up in ITIL® V3 adoption over the year.” 


In response to the confusion around ITIL® V3, Axios Systems is hosting a series of webinars to discuss each stage of the V3 Service Lifecycle Approach. 


255 IT professionals from global organisations were surveyed by Axios at a series of service management events across the UK, Australia and America including ITSMF in the UK and ITIM 2007 in America.