ISO drives rise in ITIL adoption

ISO drives rise in ITIL adoption

Axios Systems, the leading international IT service management (ITSM) company, today announced that there has been a significant increase in ITIL® adoption levels over the last twelve months. The results of a recent international study show growing support for the ITIL® Best Practice framework from both the IT community and board-level decision makers. Respondents to the survey cite better business service from IT, process alignment and a higher level of customer satisfaction as the key drivers for the uptake of ITIL®. It also shows a strong link between the adoption of ISO/IEC 20 000 and ITIL®. 


In light of the recent launch of ITIL® V3, awareness of the ITIL® framework has notably heightened. Many organizations are analyzing their existing processes and for the ones who have relatively mature processes, there has been a noticeable progression from a process-driven approach to a more service-orientated one. The results of Axios’ survey show that over a third (34%) of IT professionals have already adopted the ITIL® framework, while another third (34%) plan to roll-out the framework within a year. This compares with the findings of a similar study by Axios last year which found that over a half of companies (57%) interviewed did not formally use the ITIL® framework. 


Results also show that this dramatic change in outlook is steered by business' pursuit of the international ISO/IEC 20000 accreditation. 18% of this year's respondents are accredited with the industry standard for ITSM, compared to just 2% last year which emphasizes the increasingly compelling value that organizations are recognizing in the Best Practice standard. 


Further emphasizing the shift to a service-orientated approach, the majority of respondents (70%) this year said that ITSM has improved the way IT supports the business. 


The study revealed that better business service from IT was the principal driver behind increased adoption of ITIL® and was ranked above cost reduction, highlighting the increased integration of IT and business strategy. Further benefits included better process alignment, service desk consolidation and increased customer satisfaction. Respondents stated that there was a significant need to bring people, processes and technology closer and 89% said ITIL®, with the ISO/IEC accreditation as the backdrop, was a key enabling tool. 


Tasos Symeonides, founder and CEO, Axios Systems, said, "The research shows a significant increase in the adoption and interest in ITIL®. IT professionals have recognized the value that ITIL® and ISO/IEC 20000 can bring in aligning them more closely to the business. We believe that adopting ITIL® V3 offers significant advantages for organizations with established processes in place and who are now looking to adopt a service-orientated approach to supporting the needs of their business."