Axios takes credit for French bank software

Axios takes credit for French bank software

Axios’ assyst solution, already used by a number of financial institutions around the world, has been installed on the IT Service Desk of Credit Agricole’s regional bank in Charente-Maritime Deux Sevres to handle incidents and responses. 


The bank is also using assyst’s knowledge base which supports the configuration management database, and the companion solution assystNet to allow staff to check progress over the Internet on incidents they have reported to the Desk. 


The solution has been integrated by computing services firm Bull to interface with the bank's Automatic Teller Machines’ trouble ticketing’ system. 


The regional bank, which serves almost 500,000 customers, is part of Credit Agricole S.A. which reported pre-tax ordinary income of €7.663 billions for the financial year 2004. 


“I was impressed with the assyst tool’s ergonomics and how simple it is to operate - two factors which are very important for its effective use by a support team,” commented Help Desk Manager Patrick Relaix who said Axios’ competitors had offered excessive solutions. 


He said Axios and Bull had worked extremely well together. “The professional approach of each of these organisations contributed to the success of the project which was completed on time and on budget. They were fiercely determined to make this work,” he went on. “We can now carry out faster research on past problems and our diagnosis of incidents is more accurate. Automatic tracking of events and actions has allowed us to achieve significant time savings.” 


Francis Ronez, Vice-President of Axios Systems for France, said the latest business win was significant because it had clearly demonstrated the capabilities of the company and assyst in one of Europe’s leading banking groups. “It is also gratifying to note the compliments we have received on our post-sales activities as well as the benefits which the bank says it has already received from the assyst solution itself,” he said. 



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