Axios Systems supports the UK CEOP Center in tackling child abuse

Axios Systems supports the UK CEOP Center in tackling child abuse

Axios Systems, the leading international IT Service Management (ITSM) company, today announced that it is supporting the UK’s Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Center by donating its Best Practice (ITIL®) software solution, assyst, to help the fight against child abuse. 


For the first time ever and, in a model that other countries are already studying, the CEOP Center brings together law enforcement officers, specialists from children's charities and industry to work under one roof. It provides a holistic approach to tackling child abuse. In addition to Axios Systems support for the CEOP Center, other major corporations such as Microsoft, AOL and VISA, as well as children's charities including the NSPCC have put considerable resources and weight behind the work of the organization. 


Jim Gamble, Chief Executive of the CEOP Center, said, “Tackling child abuse can only be achieved with truly meaningful and long lasting results if we tear down the barriers between sectors and truly work together. That is why in the CEOP Center we are adopting a truly holistic approach that brings together the expertize of leading police officers with specialists from children’s charities and industry. Only then can we really limit opportunities to offenders whether they want to work in the online or real worlds. 


That is why I am delighted that we now have Axios Systems on board bringing more expertize, more cutting edge technology that will help us send out a very hard message to offenders – get help or get caught”. 


Axios is providing its award winning ITIL®-based ITSM software, assyst, as well as assisting the CEOP Center with the processes that need to be in place to achieve ISO / IEC 20000 to help the Center's IT department manage its technology resources to ensure that the highest level of service is provided 24/7 in the fight against child abuse in the UK. Everything the CEOP Center does is driven by knowledge first and targeted action second, and this principle also applies to the management of their IT with the ITIL® and standards-based (ISO / IEC 20000) software provided by Axios Systems. 


Tasos Symeonides, Chief Executive Officer, Axios Systems, said, “The Internet has changed the way we live, work and communicate, but at the same time as all the good it has brought, there is also the bad. The use of the Internet as a channel for child abuse is growing but it must be thwarted. The CEOP Center is a primary example of the power of bringing together law enforcement, experts and industry to tackle offences. We are proud to partner with the CEOP Center in the UK to make the Internet a safer place for children.” 



About the CEOP Center 


The CEOP Center works in both online and offline environments and full information on all areas of work as well as online safety messages and access to online reporting can be found at 


The CEOP Center is affiliated to the Serious Organized Crime Agency (SOCA) and powers are derived from the Serious Organized Crime and Police Act 2005. It is based in Pimlico, London with developing outreach channels to all areas of both domestic and international policing as well as industry and specialist support and educational faculties. 


For further information about CEOP contact: 


Clive Michel 

Head of Communications and Public Affairs 

Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Center 

+44 (0)20 7238 2391 

07899 064 333 


For further information on the work of the CEOP Center :