CFO & Procurement

Get IT spending under control

Financial transparency 

As IT becomes a bigger and more complex part of business operations, balancing budget against value (and focusing spend on what really matters) has become a major challenge for CFOs. The assyst IT management solution helps you manage IT from a financial perspective by giving you total transparency and insight into where and how budget is spent—and how much business value it generates. 

Financial view of IT

IT consumes a sizeable chunk of the total enterprise budget. Knowing where your IT budget is spent is the first port of call for more effective budgeting. With a business-oriented view of IT services and the IT infrastructure, you can gain a better understanding of where to direct budget effectively to support better business operations and growth.


Manage assets and licenses


In an enterprise organization, your IT infrastructure will be large and complex, so how do you know your IT assets and software licenses are generating business value? With assyst you get a complete picture of your IT estate and interdependencies (gathered automatically using discovery tools) which enables all aspects of IT financial management.

Manage procurementCFO_manage_procurement

In a global organization it’s tough to maintain control of IT spending. Executives often use discretionary spending power to get their hands on the technology they need – bypassing the official procurement process and preventing full oversight. With the assyst service catalog you can centralize technology purchases and regain control.

"Overall, we enjoy far greater visibility"


Service Catalog: Are you the Master or Slave?

Sharon Taylor, Chief Architect of ITIL v3, explores the art of Service Catalog management:

how to create a Service Catalog and what to avoid; the challenges, benefits and 5 top tips on setting it up and improving it.

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Get complete visibility of the financial aspects of IT

Full visibility and control over demand, costs, and business value.

Contract & Supplier Management


Track and manager suppliers to get more from your outsourced functions.

Service Portfolio & Design


Take control over a complex landscape of services and customers.

Policy Governance


Apply practical rules for Governance, Risk and Compliance Management (GRCM).

Audit & Compliance


Automation makes it easy to check and prove compliance in minutes, not weeks.

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Resource Planning


Manage your team’s capacity and workload to ensued deadlines are met.

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License Metering & Control

License_metering_and_control_ 289_top_m283-1

Right-size your license positions to better track business demand.

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See how assyst can help you focus IT spend on creating real business value