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ITSM Change Management SoftwareMitigate Risk, Enable Agility

  • Is change a risk to your business?
  • Are unauthorized or emergency changes degrading IT services?
  • Is IT struggling to meet the demands of the business?

The Change Management Opportunity

Improve business agility and reduce risk with ITIL Change Management software

In today’s ultra-competitive market, adaptability is the only guarantee of survival. Businesses need to promote agility to enable a competitive edge by taking products and services to market before the competition. Today’s technology-driven organizations need to ensure that IT is able to adapt to support the needs of the business quickly and efficiently. Best practice change management enables IT to become more stable and responsive, helping to drive agility and maintain business continuity.

In many organizations, 70-80% of service interruptions are caused by change-related incidents. Without a defined IT change management process providing visibility and control, unauthorized changes cause service interruptions with an increasing impact on the profitability of the business. By implementing ITSM best practices for change management, the business can regain control by logging all changes, applying a defined and repeatable change process, ensuring visibility and enforcing authorization and compliance.

The change management process is vital to keeping the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) current and accurate. Asset and configuration management supplies the information required by change management to assess the risk, cost and business impact of change. Most organizations choose to implement change management and configuration management concurrently to gain full strategic control of the infrastructure. Configuration management, change management and the CMDB are core features of the assyst solution, enabling the shortest time-to-value of any enterprise ITSM toolset on the market.

The Value of Change Management

  • Increased speed of IT change, enabling greater business agility
  • Reduced cost and risk of change with fewer failed changes
  • Manage release processes for greater efficiency and consistency
  • Improved infrastructure and quality of service

Normally change management is one of the most difficult processes to implement, especially the authorization part. This doesn’t come as part of standard functionality of any other ITSM solution. Axios Systems offered flexible workflows for approval of changes.


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Quickly identify the impact of change with the assyst CMDB visualization tool

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