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IT StandardizationBenefit from Process and Infrastructure Standardization

  • Are you struggling to support a broad portfolio of applications and devices?
  • Is vendor management a major drain on resources?
  • Are you suffering from inconsistent IT support processes?

The IT Standardization Opportunity

The complexity of today’s IT environment brings a number of challenges to the business. Provision of IT services becomes more difficult and expensive on a platform of heterogeneous devices, adding effort to the management of problems, changes, integrations, upgrades and business continuity. By planning and applying a policy of IT standardization, you can simplify the infrastructure, rationalize technologies and methods, and gain significant advantages in cost, service quality and agility.

Reduce costs and improve service quality through standardized infrastructure, processes and procurement

The Value of IT Standardization

  • Centralize technology selection and procurement
  • Simplify vendor management
  • Utilize bulk purchasing power
  • Increase infrastructure stability and utility
  • Reduce infrastructure redundancy
  • Improve the quality of services
  • Increase software release agility
  • Reduce impact of change
  • Reduce IT support burden and cost
  • Reduce non-standard infrastructure

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