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During my time at Axios Systems I have had the opportunity to work with a wealth of industry experts and influencers; many of whom possess a deep knowledge of ITSM, ITIL and players within the space. As of late, I’ve had the pleasure of working with one such expert – Sharon Taylor, CEO of Aspect Group, Inc. and chief architect and chief examiner for ITIL. For those of you who have not had the pleasure, Sharon has literally transformed the ITSM industry with her groundbreaking work on ITIL V3.  Using her business experience in influencing the future directions of the IT service management, Sharon has become a world-renown expert, author and speaker on all things ITIL. Sharon is also a Fellow (the highest standing) of the Institute of Service Management and is the recipient of the ITSM Lifetime Achievement Award.


With such credentials, it’s obvious why we at Axios are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with her in educating the wider IT industry as well as offering best practices for the integration of social IT management within an overarching ITSM strategy.  This is why I’m happy to announce that on Tuesday, June 12, Sharon Taylor will participate in the webinar, “ITIL V3 Chief Architect’s Practical Guide to Leveraging Social Media for IT Operations.” We’ll have two sessions, the first at 9:00 a.m. ET and the second at 12:00 p.m.  ET, in which Sharon will explore the world of social media through the eyes of a Service Management provider. She will dive into the complex ways in which social media is changing the IT game, particularly its impact on ITSM.  In addition, Sharon will answer questions such as:


  • What the growth of social media in business means to ITSM
  • How social media is changing the way service providers interact with their customers
  • The opportunities social media presents to ITSM providers


Sharon will also highlight elements of the soon-to-be released whitepaper that looks at the emerging growth of social media within a business environment and will examine the opportunities for ITSM providers to leverage social media in a variety of ways and contexts. If you cannot wait for the whitepaper, we are also releasing a series of videos in which Sharon outlines a few key best practices.


I encourage anyone interested in the integration of social IT management within the enterprise to attend the webinar, see the videos and read the whitepaper.  While on the webinar, feel free to use the hashtag #ITSMTalk to pose questions and engage with other attendees. Sharon has some provocative viewpoints that will surely help any IT decision maker wade through the muddy waters of this new paradigm of IT service management.


For more information and to register for the “ITIL V3 Chief Architect’s Practical Guide to Leveraging Social Media for IT Operations” webinar, please click here.


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