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Axios presents a special guest webinar with Karen Ferris, Director at Macanta Consulting, Barry Crosby, Solutions Consultant at Axios Systems, and Clive Keylard from University of Canterbury:


“Migrating to a New ITSM Solution – Common Pitfalls and tips for success”

Organizations need the right IT Service Management (ITSM) solution to meet their business objectives. Many IT departments are struggling with outdated software that is difficult and costly to upgrade, and the business is suffering. Comprehensive out-of-the-box ITSM solutions that can be deployed and upgraded quickly and easily are the answer.


What does a successful ITSM migration look like? In this webinar, Karen Ferris (Director, Macanta Consulting), and Barry Crosby (Solutions Consultant, Axios Systems) explore when, why and how an organization should migrate to a new ITSM solution. They will be joined by our client, Clive Keylard from University of Canterbury, who will discuss their successful ITSM migration experience.


What you will take away:


  • Drivers for replacing you current ITSM solution
  • Migration planning
  • People, process and technology decisions that need to be made
  • Pitfalls to avoid and tips for success


Register for the Webinar


We are running two webinar events for maximum global coverage of this important topic:


Webinar 1 – Tuesday, 19th March 2013


  • Los Angeles, Seattle, Phoenix – 1pm
  • Denver, Santa Fe,  Cheyenne – 2pm
  • Chicago, Houston, Kansas City  – 3pm
  • New York, Washington D.C., Boston – 4pm
  • London – 8pm
  • Paris, Berlin, Rome  – 9pm
  • Cape Town – 10pm




Webinar 2 – Wednesday 17th April 2013

  • Delhi, Calcutta – 9.30am
  • Jakarta – 11am
  • Perth, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Hong Kong – 12 noon
  • Tokyo – 1pm
  • Melbourne, Sydney – 2pm
  • Christchurch, Wellington – 4pm




Karen Ferris Bio


Karen Ferris is an internationally acclaimed service management professional with a reputation for providing both strategic and practical advice, assistance and insights for organizations in their implementation and maintenance of efficient and effective service management. She has worked as a service management practitioner, trainer, consultant and manager since 1994 and has helped many organizations develop and deliver their service management strategies.
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